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What Is The Solution For Back Pain After Masturbation or Sex
If you've ever experienced any type of lower back pain, you know that no amount of pain killers will ever quell your discomfort completely. It's no secret that modern medicine has changed the way we treat our ailments. Who wouldn't want a quick and easy way to alleviate pain?

The main problem with pharmaceutical pain relievers is the tolerance builds up.
Many people who have been prescribed pain relievers, build up a tolerance to their pills quickly. They might find that when they first started taking these pills, their lower backs instantly felt better. They were no longer a slave to their pain and they could be much more mobile.

But they soon realized they had to consume more pills a day in order to maintain the same level of mobility. Maybe an addiction started to form, and a cycle of pills began to run their lives.
Herbs vs. Chemicals
For some reason we forgot to utilize natural remedies and exercise to settle our pain. There is a plethora of revitalizing herbs such as Atractylodes Macrocephala, Guarana, Ophiopogon, Paeonia Suffruticosa, Schisandra, and Poria Cocos that will aid in the recovery process without creating an addiction. The best way to finding what treatment will work best for you is to pin point the origin of the pain.
Too Much Masturbation
Some lower back problems in men stem from frequent masturbation or intercourse. The over exertion of the pelvic region could be the cause of backaches and pains. If a man is suffering from chronic back pain without having been through a related injury, the cause of their pain may be as simple as too much self love.

Be mindful of this pain. If you're experiencing a combination of lower back distress, no consistent morning erection, and you are not able to foster an erection throughout the duration of intercourse, you could be suffering from the early stages of erectile dysfunction.

You should take immediate action if you experience a mix of these symptoms. Discomfort in the lower back is an early sign of adrenal fatigue. 
Stretch It Out

The most effective way to alleviate lower back pain is to work out those muscles by giving them a good stretch every now and then and take herbal supplements to restore back the lost essential neurotransmitters involoved in nervous system. Try a yoga squat. This will help to strengthen your lower back and tailbone while simultaneously relieving tightness in the area and giving the hips and buttocks a good stretch.

This stretch along with the aid of restorative supplements will have you well on your way to a healthy recovery.

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