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Common Myths of Masturbation

Myth 1
Men who masturbate frequently will run out of semen.
A man produces semen throughout his entire life. Masturbation will not deplete semen because semen is constantly replaced. However, over-masturbation could deplete bio-energy and accelerate the pace of aging. Plus, there are many other symptoms of over-masturbation, such as hair thinning, weak erection, premature ejaculation, and lower back pain.
Click here to see the side effects of over masturbation.

Myth 2 
Masturbation leads to homosexual activity.
Don’t laugh. Parents will tell their kids anything to discourage what they condemn as shameful activities. Despite what mom says, masturbation does not determine a person's sexual orientation. Just because you like to touch your own body, doesn't mean you want to touch or be touched by someone else's of the same sex.

Myth 3
People who masturbate make arousal by other stimuli difficult.
Masturbation is healthy physically and psychologically, and it won't make a person less responsive to sexual stimulation from another person. In fact, masturbation is a good way to learn about your body and its sexual responsiveness. Men can use masturbation to learn how to prolong the time it takes to ejaculate. Women can learn what an orgasm feels like and how to produce it. This means masturbation can make sexual stimulation much more enjoyable and satisfying with a partner.

Myth 4 
Only teenagers masturbate.
While frequency of masturbation may be higher among teenagers, nearly everyone masturbates. Masturbation even occurs separately within married couples. The idea that only sexually frustrated teens masturbate is a myth.

Myth 5 
STD or AIDS can be transmitted from masturbation.
You cannot get AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease from stimulating yourself. These diseases can ONLY be transmitted, which means the germ that causes the disease (HIV in the case of AIDS) has to come from another entity, such as an infected partner during intercourse. Even if you have a sexually transmitted disease, it is 100% safe for you, as well as for other people, when you masturbate without a partner.
Manual sex with a partner (where you touch a partner's organs with your hands) can theoretically provide an opportunity for the transmission of certain kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, especially if semen or blood from one person comes in contact with the broken skin of another. The risk involved in such activities is estimated to be extremely low, but it is NOT out of the realm of possibly.
Group masturbation (circle jerks) where more than one person masturbate together without sexual contact amongst each other does not present a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases as long as you don't come in contact with blood or semen from an infected person in the group.
If you want the risk of contracting STDs to remain zero, it’s best to avoid sharing sex toys, towels, body parts or anything else that may have fresh sexual fluids or blood on them.

Myth 6
The penis can rot and fall off from masturbation.
Again, these are just traditional scare tactics designed to discourage teenagers from playing with themselves. A Man's sexual organ is built to do two things: ejaculate sperm or semen out of the body and displace liquid waste (urine) from the bladder.
Young men will sometimes get erections and ejaculate as a result of vigorous physical activity, even in the absence of any specifically sexual stimulation. Most young men experience spontaneous erections when they are not consciously thinking sexual thoughts or doing anything to physically stimulate their penis. The male body does not know or care whether the semen ends up in a vagina or a throat or an anal cavity or in a paper tissue. Obviously, the penis will not rot or fall off  - it doesn’t really know the difference between masturbation and sex.
So the next time a parent or authority figure catches you masturbating and tells you that it will cause you great harm – the only thing to heed is the need to be more discreet!

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