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Too Much of a Good Thing: Over-Masturbation and Migraines in Men

Most people can agree that masturbation is a healthy activity for both men and women. Current research supports the idea that sex is similar to exercise in that long periods of dormancy can lead to poor muscle tone and performance difficulties. Masturbation isn't just for single folks, either.

Even for the sexually active and romantically involved among us, it's not always reasonable to expect our partners or significant others to fulfill every sexual urge we get. Additionally, masturbation is a good way to remain aware of your own body, and raises your likelihood of detecting health problems during their early stages.
Like exercise, however, masturbation can cause physical depletion when taken to excess, and disrupt the body's natural chemical balance. The consequences of over-masturbation and sexual exhaustion are diverse, and include migraines and severe headaches, among a broad range of other physical and mental health conditions.

What Does Over-Masturbation Have to Do With Migraines?

Healthy sexual activity, with or without a partner, depends on a number of neurotransmitters, hormones, and other chemical resources that our bodies produce. Even during the prime of life, excessive reliance on these delicate resources denies your body the recovery time it needs to replenish them once they are depleted. Due to its high strain on neurochemicals and hormones, over-masturbation can cause several cognitive problems, including reduced memory capacity, fatigue, and decreased multi-tasking skills.
Over-masturbation also comes with a high physical toll. Sex and masturbation subjects the tissues and organs involved to a considerable amount of friction. Without sufficient time to heal, the effects of this friction becomes cumulative, leading to organ damage, weak erections, a decrease in penis size, and even infertility.
Over-masturbation is a habit that progresses through stages, and migraines and dizziness that occur during or after sexual activity exemplify some of the most severe symptoms of sexual exhaustion. These headaches may indicate that your brain is experiencing blood vessel constriction because it is no longer able to produce enough GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps moderate your ratio of various stress hormones and the inflammatory agent cortisol.

Worse still, over-masturbation at the level of severity that causes migraines also reduces the effectiveness of the blood-brain barrier, a network of tiny capillaries that keeps harmful contaminants from entering the cerebrospinal fluid.

How to Recover and Recharge

Over-masturbation that erodes your health and interferes with your quality of life is an addiction. As with any addiction, breaking the habits that comprise it will require persistence, diligence, and a commitment to holistic change. A full recovery will require a period of abstinence from sexual activity while you make lifestyle changes and take other steps to improve your health.

However, very few men who suffer from sexual exhaustion successfully quit all at once. You may need to gradually limit your sexual activity per day, and then per week.   

A number of herbal supplements and medicines are available to help heal and replenish the body once you are no longer entrenched in unhealthy sexual habits.

For example, the herb Mucana Pruriens included in these Migraine Natural Home Remedies can help the brain recover certain hormones and neurochemicals it needs to fight headaches. Among five other medicinal herbs, the formula also contains Ashwaganda, which is frequently recommended for seminal leakage and other symptoms of sexual exhaustion.

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