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Sex Position: Friends Welcomed

Men, while you’re away, she may invite friends to keep her company—and not her everyday friend. No, she’ll invite her battery-operated friend to give her the pleasure that only you can enhance. Friends Welcomed will have males using a vibrator to make their partners orgasm. Now gentlemen who feel intimated or awkward by using a vibrator, need to put their ego and pride aside. Using a vibrator to make your partner orgasm can provide a heightened intimacy for both man and woman.
Both man and woman should start off by sitting down. Men will want to extend their legs. Ladies will want to sit and wrap each leg around the man’s hip. Ladies should recline back a bit using their hands for support. Once in position, ladies will sit back and enjoy.

Why She’ll Love It:

Watching your man play with your clitoris with your favorite toy provides a new sense of stimulation. And according to studies, just 10 minutes of foreplay can heighten your intimacy and improve your chances of having a more powerful orgasm. So if you’re man feels off put by this position, say he’s doing it for your pleasure.

Why He’ll Love It:

Yes, this position is built for her pleasure, but men, sex is not about being selfish. Providing your partner with a bit of pleasure will earn you major respect. Besides, a bit of vibrating stimulation will make her orgasms much more intense. So if you notice she’s struggling to reach the “Big O,” a little help wouldn’t hurt.  

About This Position:

Sex Position Number: 52
Difficulty: For Novice Couples
Pleasure for Him: Low
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Female Low Libido or Vaginal Discharge
Other positions you may like: We Interrupt This Broadcast
Ideal Penis Size: N/A
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Medium  

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