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Date Killers – Top 5 Ways to Flat line a Sex Prospect
Mark had spun quite a web of intrigue around himself, and Julie seemed to have bought it. They had met earlier at a mutual friend’s party and he’d regaled her of veiled stories of his supposed past. He’d talked about how he had lost a tooth once (it had been replaced somehow since) while fighting off Peruvian rum-runners off the coast of Argentina. He’d also somehow uncovered an assassination plot involving an important politician. And then there was that time most recently where a celebrity had fallen for him when he was on the production crew of an upcoming film (of course the full credits aren’t listed yet since it’s in pre-production. He couldn’t understand why the celeb had cried when he told her that he just didn’t share the same feelings as her, and hinted that his feral love-making skills may have contributed to her getting hooked.
Mark had rehearsed these contrived tales many times and had used variations of them on different women, and had again struck gold with Julie. He’d gotten her back to his place where they made out on his couch and she lay there in front of him ready and waiting to start some real hanky-panky. Instead, he started going into more tall tales instead of going in for the kill, and soon her eyes seemed to glaze over. A few minutes later she bolted for the door.
Yes, blabbering too much during a date, especially when a woman is practically begging you to bed her down is one way that you can sizzle a potentially sex-capade. So we’ll kick things off with #5.
#5 being Blabbering Too Much
Let’s check out the other four doozies...
#4 – Check Your Watch and Yawn
Appearing to look as though you’d rather be watching cows defecate than be with your perspective sex partner can really put a damper on things. While some women actually tend to be attracted to men that seem disinterested, going overboard by staring up at the clock, or rubbing your fingers against your temples while clenching your jaws can be a little much. Many women will find this as being offensive and move toward the door.
#3 – Critique Her
One guy that I know recently told me that he had a girl at his “cum castle” aka his apartment, and was had her right at the point to where she was practically “dripping through her panties.” Then he decided to talk about how her perfume reminded him of his sister’s and she would smell better with his favorite variety. Things quickly became very dry again, resulting in her sudden departure. Another guy told me how he had one date in a similar ready-to-go state, and then mentioned off-handedly how in the future he could teach her how to kiss better, since he was “older and more experienced” than her. Not surprisingly, the only thing in his immediate future was a cold and lonely bed. If you even think that trying to “help her out” by a little supposedly constructive criticism, you should probably err on the side of caution and keep your mouth shut.
#2 – Act Too Excited/Nervous
I think most men have been through this, especially when we first begin having sex and are suddenly alone with the hottest girl they have been with (up to that point), or when we’re virgins and closing in on our perspective first lay. I think we all know the symptoms; the stammering speech patterns, the sweaty brows, the trembling, clammy little hands that might as well be catcher’s mitts as you attempt to touch your would-be sex partner. Contrary to what you see in those dopey chick-flicks which portray some goofy guy or another, all gullible and nervous, seeming so “sweet” and “cute” that women just can’t resist him, women really want men who act confident in themselves and are sure-handed (and sure-penised).
#1 – Mention You Ex
Nothing gets the ire burning more in a woman than talking about your ex-girlfriend. Whether it’s the fact that you’re comparing something, such as how your ex used to do certain things, or their features, such as how the ex’s rack was bigger. Some men have embarked on this slippery slope in the hopes that by mentioning their ex will they’ll get a woman to want to try to get the ex off of his mind, while some guys are genuinely not over their past flame. Either way, most women will steer clear of a man who seems to be stuck on a former girlfriend and make like the Road Runner toward the door.
Some of these tactical errors I’ve committed myself, while others are based on things that have been reported to me by male friends over and over. Some guys have even made several of these mistakes all in one sitting, seemingly triggering the Seventh Sign of the Apocalypse. Hopefully you guys out there can learn from our mistakes and let our collective pain result in your gain. Good luck out there fellas!
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