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Beginner's Guide to Prostate Massagers

Everyone has heard of the G-spot, the erogenous area on a woman’s body that provides the necessary

stimulation for an orgasm. But few have heard of the P-spot, the male version of the G-spot. Located in the prostate, the P-spot can provide males with an intense orgasm. However, males attempting a P-spot orgasm should understand the rewards and risks of performing the technique.

Technique Overview
The prostate, a walnut-sized organ located below the bladder, stores alkaline fluid necessary for the survival of semen. Along with the ejaculatory ducts, seminal vesicles and urethra, the prostate plays an integral role during an ejaculation.

With the help of the fingers or a prostate-massage toy, a partner applies light pressure to a male’s prostate via the anal cavity. A finger or a massager then stimulates the prostate to encourage an orgasm...(Learn more about the benefit of using Prostate Massage for prostatits problems).

Locating the Prostate

Prior to pleasuring a man, you need to locate the prostate first. You need to know its texture and size to provide the necessary pleasure. Not known its location can be like looking for a golf ball on a grassy field--with blinders on.
Lubricate your finger first.
Insert the finger toward the belly and go about 3 to 4 inches inward.
Feel for prostate, which measures about the size of walnut. The texture should resemble a small plum, spongy and firm.
How To Perform a Prostate Massage
Massaging a prostate can only be accomplished through the anal cavity, and to perform stimulation for an orgasm, males will need a partner. Attempting to massage the P-spot alone can cause injuries. And while prostate toys are not necessary, the length of your partner’s fingers will determine if stimulation can occur. Partners with shorter fingers may be unable to reach a prostate to create stimulation.

Instructions for Your Partner

Insert a toy or a finger into a man’s anal cavity.
Rub the prostate in a circular, or up and down motion.
Ask a man where he feels pleasure to continue to rub his prostate.
Instructions for Reaching an Orgasm
Clench your anal muscles after a finger or a toy has been inserted.
Relax the muscles to allow a toy or a finger to move.
Mix both clenching and relaxing motions to reach an orgasm.

Technique at a Glance
Grants profound orgasms.
Needs lubrication to avoid injury.
Requires performing slow, light motions to avoid injuries.

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