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Sex Mints: A Breath of Energy for Exhausted Men

Sex can give couples the ultimate body workout. Legs, quads, biceps and triceps all can feel the burn after a few minutes of sex. Heavy breathing from constant thrusting and moving the body can sap the energy out of most men and women. While poorly conditioned individuals can find themselves exhausted from a few minutes of exerting themselves. After men and women climax, the shortness of breath, the stiffness from thrusting and the exhaustion from the day can leave couples unwilling to engage in another round of sex.

Most men, especially, tend to keel over and fall asleep after climaxing (something ladies don’t understand). For men, after an orgasm is reached, exhaustion sets in. The eyes close, the pleasure stops and the snoring begins. For ladies, the lack of interest to go another round or two can add to the displeasure. Thanks to sex mints, men can find themselves filled with energy, excitement and a desire for sex.

Sex Mints: An Overview
Think about what time you usually have sex. Mornings before work? Late at night? Middle of the day? For most people, mornings and late nights serve as the times for sex. Early mornings the kids remain quiet in their beds, and the same goes for middle of the night. However, during either of these times, couples have had little sleep. After climaxing, men can fall right back asleep, while ladies can lay waiting for another round. Thanks to sex mints, men can get a boost of caffeine that gives them the energy to go late into the night. The benefits of these mints includes

Improved energy
Enhanced sexual desires from other natural ingredients
Elevated sexual satisfaction
For couples looking for an extra midnight boost, pop a mint or two can grant the necessary pleasure and excitement to endure your sleepless nights.

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