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Pfaffia Suma: Increasing Sex Drive by Controlling Estrogen

Too much testosterone can shrivel your testicles, not enough can lower your libido. From maintaining healthy testicles to managing your sex drive, testosterone remains an important hormone that controls energy levels, muscle strength, weight and bone density.

For the two to four million men who experience hypogonadism, a condition diagnosed by low testosterone, the lowered T-levels can exasperate males, leaving gents agitated, deprived of sexual urges, fat and depressed.

When testosterone converts into estrogen, the effects can mirror those of hypogonadism. And with more and more men noticing decreased testosterone levels, males will start looking for solutions to impede the symptoms that bedevil their minds, relationships and work life. And with the industry for libido-boosting products skyrocketing 500 percent since the early ‘90s, men have had a varied list of products to pick from.

Suma: It’s Origins and Benefits
Originating from the Brazilian jungles, Suma, known as “para tudo,” means for all, and it lives up to its name by supporting anti-stress, hot flash and testosterone-boosting formulas. Holistic practitioners label the herb as an “adaptogen” that balances bodily functions while enhancing arousal. Its adaptogenic properties can explain why Suma can quell those erectile issues males experience.

Benefits of Suma
According to evidence, Suma contains ecdysterone, a hormone that supports healthy anabolic hormones in men. Studies suggest that bodybuilders who take Suma noticed improvements in their exercise routines.

The improved hormonal support can explain why Suma prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Collate its hormonal support with its adaptogenic properties, and the herb manages to provide an effective product for balancing hormones and improving sex life.

Product Comparision: Finding What's Right for Me
While Suma can offer the benefits for improving performance, not all products were made equally. According to a study conducted on bodybuilders, 200 mg or less of Suma had little impact on athletic abilities or testosterone levels.

Pros and Cons of Suma

-All natural
-May provide results in a few weeks
-Reduces stress, anxiety and signs of fatigue

May not provide results for every man
May need to be taken with other supplements to notice improvements
Testosterone Injections
Most proponents to natural supplements would argue that testosterone injections offer the same advantages of Suma, but with a higher success rate. Proponents would be right, but they too would need to see the benefits and disadvantages these injections include.

Increases sperm count and sexual desires
May serve as an anti-aging solution
Costs, most injections cost $150 to $400 a month.
Requires doctors to monitor levels
Requires a doctor approval to start replacement therapy
Injections can increase your risk for metastasis of preexisting prostate tumors and heart disease.
Q: How Long Should I Take Supplements for?
A: The duration and effectiveness will vary, but most manufacturers suggest taking a 3-month supply.

Q: Will My Age Factor Into the Effectiveness of Suma?
A: Yes, age does play a role in how effective products are at treating low libido.

What Other Factors Can Influence My Libido?
A: Weight, age, health, medications and sex habits can all alter your libido.

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