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You’ve watched the commercials. You’ve heard the radio ads, and you’ve definitely seen the magazine ads. These ads sponsor different brands, but the premise for most are all the same: middle-aged men talking about BPH. BPH is a medical term used to describe an enlarged prostate. Most men assume that enlargement of the prostate occurs to men 40 and above; however, prostate enlargement can occur to men younger than 40 for several reasons.

How It Happens

An enlarged prostate applies pressure to the urethra that causes narrowing of the outlet channel of the bladder. As a result, the following symptoms will occur:

Inability to urinate
Difficulty starting urination
Weak urine stream
Dribbling at the end of urination
Incomplete emptying of the bladder
Frequent urination at nighttime
Pain while urinating
No morning erection
Seminal leakage
Venous leak
Inability to sustain a hard erection during sex
Early or premature ejaculation
Formulated To Fix Prostate Enlargement Based On These Healing Herbs:
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Advanced Natural Prostate Formula with 5-Loxin [What to expect, See it]
Prostate Optimizer [What to expect, See it]
The severity of any given prostate enlargement varies between individual men. Some men have an enlarged prostate but no weak urine stream. Other men may have a strong urine stream but no morning erections, and some men, have weak erections, suffer from premature ejaculation, and endure pain while using the restroom.

Herbs to the Rescue

Scientists have already found two distinct enzymes, both of which act independently, to convert testosterone into a highly active form that results in rapid abnormal prostate cell growth. One of the enzymes is called 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The second is known as aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into 17-beta-estradiol. Both enzymes can stimulate abnormal prostate cell growth. Herbalists have devised various herbal blends that act as effective prostate care formulas, which help men who suffer from swelling prostates.

Saw Palmetto (Sabal) is known to reduce the production of DHT, which is a major factor behind prostate cell growth. Medicinal usage of Saw Palmetto can be dated back to as early as the1700s when European settlers learned of its benefits from Native Indians. Hanging from a small palm tree, Saw Palmetto, the reddish-black berry, looks ordinary, but it has become one of the most well known herbal remedies in Europe.

Nettle (Urtica) inhibits the action of aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into 17-beta-estradiol

Dianthus is used in the treatment of urinary tract infections, incomplete emptying, painful feeling, and frequent urination of small volumes. [1]

Ophiopogon known for its superb anti-inflammatory action. Ophiopogon contains two potent natural molecules: Ophopogonin D and Ruscogenin, each increase the ability of the prostate tissues to tolerate and protect oxygen deprivation. [2] [3]

Lycopene serves as an effective anti-oxidant that helps cleanse and nourish the prostate. Recent research and laboratory tests have shown that Lycopene can inhibit prostate cancer cell growth. Scientists are still attempting to understand the exact molecular mechanism of how Lycopene stops the reproductive cell cycle and induces programmed cell death for cancerous prostate cells. [4][5][6]

Combining these natural ingredients will deliver a true synergy that safely inhibits the enzyme pathways for optimal prostate health.

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