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Advanced Incontinence & Overactive Bladder Remedy
Urinary Incontinence In Men
Many factors can contribute to male urinary incontinence and overactive bladder, such as prostate enlargement & severe over masturbation. Frequent urgency to urinate, accidental urine, or a need to strain while urinating are making life mierable.

Benefits From Herbs
MorindaAstragalus Complanatus (Flatstem Milkvetch Seed), NacreCnidiumNettlePygeum Bark, and Os Draconis provide essential nutrients for nerve rejuvenation of bladder tissues and pelvic floor muscles. NettlePygeum Bark, and Atractylodes Macrocephala help with prostate detoxification and recovery. The natural phyto-molecules in these herbs stimulate nerve axon rejuvenation, helping the parasympathetic nerves recover in order to provide better bladder control. People with additional symptoms, such as early ejaculation or unsustainable erections, also reported signs of significant recovery.

Formulated To Fix Overactive Bladder & Incontinence Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Thermal Imaging Benefits
Using Thermal Imaging, medical professionals are able to detect and analyze heat patterns radiated on the skin surface. Heat patterns allow medical experts to adjust treatment to affected areas. Thermal Imaging, a procedure that uses real-time, highly sensitive infrared cameras, is often utilized in pre- and post-treatment evaluations, if the chosen course of treatment has been effective.

Thermal Imaging not only displays and analyzes the physiological images, but also stores and uses them for future appointments for patients requiring long-term treatment. Best of all, Thermal Imaging is painless, non-invasive, and radiation-free.

In this actual Thermal Imaging study, the patient had a very difficult time controlling the urge to urinate. As seen in this diagram below, the metabolic and cellular activity between the lower abdomen and groin area are low and insignificant.
Significant improvements have been seen after the second month of treatment. The lower abdominal region has shown much higher metabolic and cellular activity, an indication the region is now functioning well. After five months, the bladder region is back to normal. The urge to urinate is under control, and erection quality has improved.

Stage 1
Before taking the herbal blend, lower abdominal regions are mostly dark or purple with slow metabolic activity.
Stage 2
Two weeks after taking the herbal blend, circulation and metabolic activity in the lower abdominal region has improved. The patient reports fewer trips to bathroom, while dribbling urine appears non-existent.
Stage 3
Six weeks after taking the herbal blend, the patient reported better bladder control and improved sleep quality. The patient’s sleep cycle was interrupted only once for urination.
Stage 4
Ten weeks after taking the herbal blend, Thermal Imaging showed most of the dark or purple regions of the abdomen have disappeared. Whole body circulation is normal, and the detoxification process is almost complete.  The patient experiences sudden and urgent desires to urinate with less frequency. Urination stream is normal.
Stage 5
Fourteen weeks after taking the herbal blend, the rejuvenation process is progressing, with a yellowish color display indicating significant improvement in the metabolic activity in the bladder region. The patient reported significant improvement in urinary control. Frequent urination, both in the daytime and at night, has been significantly reduced. No blockage of urine stream. urine stream or dribbling.
Stage 6
Twenty weeks after taking the herbal blend, the rejuvenation process is successful. Both the bladder region and reproductive system are fully functional. The patient reports normal urine stream. No blockage of urine stream or dribbling urine. Occasional prostate discomfort or cramps seize to occur.

Herbs in this formula have been the subject of extensive, ongoing research in China. Besides using molecular, biotechnology to isolate the therapeutic components of herbs, scientists are using cutting-edge medical equipment to study these plants.

With the breakthrough of Thermal Imaging, an FDA-cleared infrared imaging system will allow professionals “see” the physiological and temperature changes in the bladder tissue.
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