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Pheromones Guide For Male

Dogs use the scent of urine to mark their territory. Ants release odor to signal assistance is required from other ants. Rats exude smells to cause sexual behavior. And people too release scents, known as pheromones, to attract partners.

For humans, though, these scents remain more clandestine and unknown, and scientists do not fully understand how these pheromones work. Despite the lack of understanding, manufacturers have found various scents that improve a man’s level of attractiveness. (Learn How Phermone Works & Uses)

The Importance of Scents
Your nose can detect thousands of scent, and your scent imprint allows you to remember various smells too. For men, theses smells can attract or repel a partner, and because females possess a far greater sense of smell than males, smelling good improves your level of attractiveness.

According to Psychology Today, smells induce sexual attractiveness, and when individuals take a whiff of their partners’ hair or neck, the scents can elevate their sexual urges. Men who smell like old, dirty feet will likely garner less attention than a man who smells clean.

Product Comparison: Finding What’s Right for Me
Scroll through any website selling pheromone sprays, and you’ll find an assortment of options, scents and “scientifically proven” studies claiming that one bottle will trump others. Many of these claims remain to be proven, but some sprays do trump others. Here’s what to look for in a pheromone spray:

Androstenone: Known as a human pheromone, androstenone may help provide an explanation for the improved level of attraction. However, scientific evidence has not validated this claim. Still, products that contain androstenone may work better than basic colognes and sprays without a pseudo-pheromone. Products that use androstenone include Max 4 Men Attract Hypnotic Pheromone Cologne.

Androstenol: A musk-like odor, androstenol comes from boar saliva and contains pheromones that lead to attraction. Products that specialize in androstenol include Adam & Eve Y3 Fascinate Body Spray With Pheromones.

Scientific Studies: Products that state “proven scientific studies” should state where the study was conducted to validate the claims being made. For example, Attractant 1000+ Pheromone Concentrate provides claims to its proposed results.

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