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Pheromone-Products for Improved Attraction

Rank the biggest sexual triggers and the list would look something like this:

1. Visual stimulation
2. Emotional stimulation
3. Olfactory stimulation

The first two seem obvious, but most people don’t even consider smell a sexual stimulant. According to science, though, smell creates a powerful sexual stimulant, and while scientists do not fully understand if a sexual pheromone exist, they do recognize that certain scents can influence attraction better than others.

In a 2005 study on gay men, for example, males were given the scent of sweat and asked to pick the ones they liked best. According to, most gay men picked the scents belonging to other gay men. For couples—both gay and straight—certain scents can boost sexual triggers or improve attractiveness.

Understanding Scent and Sexuality
Prior to mating, male pigs release a pheromone. When a female finds scent agreeable, her rear end will face a male to signal that he may begin mating. For humans, it’s not that easy. Sure, flirting, good looks and confidence can boost a man’s attractiveness, but scents play an important role too. Take sweat, for example. According to studies, the sweat of a man can increase a woman’s attractiveness toward a male. Ever notice why so many men and women who visit the gym engage in intimate relationships? It’s partly thanks to sweat. And like sweat, smells from perfumes or colognes can attract or repel.

How These Products Help?
These products do not guarantee sex will occur, but they do influence your chances. Most of these products include friendly smells that boost a man or a woman’s attractiveness. With elevated attractiveness, men and women could be looking at more opportunities to engage in sex.

For men and women interested in an elevated chance of attraction may want to find out how these scents can boost their desires. Whether it’s for sex or improved attraction, these products may offer plenty of added options.

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