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Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Minimize The Frequency of Bathroom Breaks Caused by BPH

Prostate enlargement is not just a problem—it’s a life changing issue. And consuming Pygeum, the bark of African cherry trees, might provide the right dosage to help men with urgency and frequency issues, which occur because of  prostate growth that squishes a bladder, a condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. 

Men can experience a flurry of side effects from an enlarged prostate, and men with different severity levels can find a cure by mixing Pygeum and Saw Palmetto. As an integrated herbal formula, men can see their PC muscles strengthen for better urinary flow while watching their prostate reduced in size to stop frequency issues. Below is a chart to help you decide the best approach for your problem.

Why Are You Going So Much?

As you age, your prostate naturally grows. Over time, this growth can cause the bladder muscles to lose strength, which forces men to visit the restroom in higher frequency. However, weak bladder muscles and pelvic floor muscles too can damage the flow of urine. Meanwhile, the production of Kinase C, a type of protein, inflames the prostate further, causing men to visit the bathroom more than they’d like.

Solution Highlights

Solution #: 4115
Age Ideal For: 40+
Key Herbal Ingredients: Pygeum, Saw Palmetto
Symptoms: Frequency Using the Restroom
Possible Causes: High Kinase C proteins induced enlarged prostate that squeezing bladder constantly
Helpful For:

  • Adults over 45 years
  • Men who experience constant urges to use the restroom

*Effectiveness chart is based on current research and unpublished empirical studies. Various factors and individual health status can alter the outcome and can be used as only as a reference. Continous updates and more publications will be posted here when available.

Pygeum Bark: A Solution for Frequent Trips

Pygeum contains both phytosterols and beta-sitosterols, anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit the production of prostaglandins. Together, these anti-inflammatory agents will minimize the production of Kinase C to reduce trips to the bathroom. The bark will too provide men with the following.

  • Ferulic esters that minimize prolactin, a hormone that prevents testosterone from further growing the prostate
  • Pentacyclic triterpenes stops inflammation and reduces edema
  • Counteracts the structural changes that cause prostate cells to grow
  • Inhibits fibroblast growth factors that signal the development of BPH

Taking Pygeum & Saw Palmetto: Types, Tips and Dosages for Men

Two kinds of Pygeum products exist: extract and soft gels. Some men might be inclined to take any kind of Pygeum product, but not all forms of the supplement work the same. Why? Think of supplements like medicine for a common cold. You have your generic store brand and your traditional name brand. Some individuals find generic brands work well; others see better results with name brands. So what make some Pygeum products work better than others? Below, you’ll find out.

Age Guidance

 Under 35 yr36 yr to 55 yrOver 56 yr
HerbsPygeumPygeum + Saw PalmettoHigher dosage of Pygeum Formulation

1. Extract: Mixing well into foods and drinks, Pygeum and Saw Palmetto extracts contain concentrated dosages of the bark to provide males with a fast, effective form of treatment for moderate symptoms of frequency. However, experts recommend men not take more than 500mg of Pygeum bark extract because of possible stomach pains and discomfort that can occur.
Recommended Dosage: 100 milligrams or 12 drops inside of your drink.
Suggested Recipe: Pygeum Bark Tea

  1. 1/2 cup of boiled water
  2. 1 cup of boiled vanilla skim milk
  3. 2 teaspoons of honey
  4. 12 drops of Pygeum extract

Advantages: Provides a fast, convenient form of consumption while granting a highly concentrated dosage of Pygeum and Saw Palmetto. More importantly, liquid extracts metabolize faster than pills or powder, and when combined with Nettle Root extract, males can experience even better results.
Disadvantages: Extract may contain a foul taste and smell.
2Soft Gels and Tablets: Easier to consume, Pygeum and Saw Palmetto soft gels and tablets provide a concentrated dosage to grant males a treatment option for severe symptoms of frequency.
Recommended Dosages: 1, 100mg pill twice a day with food
Advantages: Offers an easier consumption method while including all the benefits of an extract—quick metabolism and fast results.
Disadvantages: Taking more than the recommended dosage can cause stomach pains.
Men who continue to use the restroom at a high frequency can try Pygeum bark to alleviate the breaks that can interrupt sex, work and sleep. If you’ve noticed your BPH damaging any of these activities, try Pygeum Bark, which according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information reduces prostate size and minimizes urinary frequency.

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