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Massage Candle Guide For Erotic Massage

Smell the green. Candle manufactures smell their success every year by posting $2 billion in sales worldwide. With over 10,000 scents available, the candle industry offers aromas inspired from every fruit, flavor and food ever created, from bacon and coke-flavored to pineapple and vanilla. And while most flavors offer decedent aromas, some scents make the ideal gag gift, such as fart candles.

Despite a few acrid scents, candles enhance a couple’s sexual escapades, reversing low sexual desire dilemma, and when combined with oils and massages, scented candles prove a valuable ally within the bedroom. And as with their varied flavors, candles too come in a bevy of shapes and styles, from large and small to scented and lickable. Wait, lickable? Yes, lickable candles, the kind you can light, smell and consume.

Lickable Candles
Made from soy wax and shea butter, lickable candles provide fragrances for couples to enhance their sexual experience. During sex, some couples enjoy lighting a candle, smelling the fragrance, and pouring the hot wax across their partners’ bodies. Now imagine that same scenario, except with a lickable candle. Lickable candles allow you to taste the wax. The flavor makes the licking more enticing, while the kissing gives your partner plenty of stimulation.

Lickable Candles and Massages
When you combine candles and erotic massages, you can provide comfort and stimulation to your lover. For women, especially, the improved comfort can have a profound impact on their orgasms, and for males, the pleasure can increases stimulation. So ladies, if you notice your man lacks the same desires, a lickable candle can provide him with the necessary pleasure to excite his urges.

Using a Candle Massage
Prior to starting your erotic massage, you need to prepare. Enjoyable sex can occur at random; amazing sex takes some planning (and a bit of practice).
Set the scene for you and your lover by lighting a candle.
Allow the candle to burn for 15 to 30 minutes. The scent of the candle should fill the room.
Prepare any oils and review any massage techniques that you wish to perform.
Get your partner and start the massage.
Blow out the flame and wait a few seconds. By now, the wax should be cooled.
Drizzle the wax across your partner’s body and lick off the wax.
Candles at a Glance
Enhance your sexual activity.
Provide stimulation for your partner.
Improves traditional erotic massages.
Product Comparison: Finding What’s Right for Me
Finding the right candle may seem like an impossible feat with so many varying scents, sizes and styles. You can purchase small candles, non-scented candles, lickable candles, and gag-style candles. Men and women in search of the right candle will have plenty of options, but should focus on the following attributes:

Type: From scented to therapeutic, you can find candles to enhance your sexual escapades. If she’s nervous, a therapeutic candle can help. If he enjoys a bit of pain, lickable candles can boost his pleasure. Each candle contains varying benefits that you should be mindful of.

Size: As with the type, size too will vary. Tea candles may not be large enough to last throughout your sexual experience, but a larger candle may be a bit too expensive.

Price: Size, abilities and type will determine the price.

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