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Erotic Massage - Boosting Your Sex Drive

From kissing and cuddling to staring and smiling, foreplay remains as varied in its practice as it does across age groups, cultures and religious denominations. And while its practice remains restricted to the bedroom, the activity can extend outside your typical sex routine.

According to studies, foreplay, especially massages, communicates affection, determines satisfaction and improves intimacy. For long-term relationships, especially, a few minutes of foreplay improve the bond, reversing low sexual desire & mood, and strengthen the union between couples.

Massage Overview
In the 1940s, the U.S. government conducted an experiment on 40 babies. The goal of the experiment was to see what would happen when affection, communication and touch were removed from the lives of humans.

Four months into the experiment, half of the infants died.

While the lack of affection or touch may not be fatal to adults, the reduction of one or the other can alter a human’s emotional state. Kissing, hugging and even massaging can provide the affection and emotional bond to maintain an adult’s mental state. Massaging, especially, can elevate the bond a couple shares, while the activity can relax the body in preparation of sex. During a massage, the gentle stroke of a well-oiled hand alleviates muscle tension, while for women, the improved comfort and relaxation levels help them reach an orgasm.

Erotic Massage Technique
Oils, candles, music and wine serve as a small list of essentials ideal for erotic massages. The oils, meanwhile, intensify stimulation, while the aromas, music and wine provide aphrodisiacs to increase sexual desires. However, those serve as optional items, the following are essential to any satisfying massage:
Remove any jagged edges from your fingers to prevent nixes.
Keep your hands warm at all times to maintain intimacy.
Hold contact with the skin at all times.
How To Guide
Prepare a bowl of warm water.
Dip your hands into the bowl.
Apply oils or creams to your hands.
Flatten your fingers and hands to perform long, lingering touches. The long strokes spread the oil across your partner’s body.
Use circular rubbing motions against the erogenous areas of your partner’s body, e.g., the neck, shoulders, back and inner thighs. Alternate between deep and soft touches while using the tips of your fingers. Intense rubbing alleviates muscles knots while gentle grazes from your fingertips create a tingling sensation.
Roll your thumbs against your partner’s body to alleviate tension. The thumbs help eliminate tension in the back, shoulders, feet and thighs.
Q: Will Massages Improve Her Chances of Reaching an Orgasm?
A: Yes, according to studies, ladies who remain relaxed after an intense massage experienced an improved likelihood of reaching an orgasm.

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