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Chronic Diseases Are Hurdles Behind Your Penis Size Efforts

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression remain worrisome and troubling conditions that lead to death, a lifetime dependency of insulin and years of therapy. These three chronic diseases too can lead to a lifetime of troubling erectile problems including impotence, penis shrinkage and poor enlargement efforts. For most men with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression, erectile issues will affect them late in life—if at all. But for a select set of men, erectile issues will remain at the forefront of a man’s worries.

How Chronic Diseases Affect Your Life—And Your Penis

Cardiovascular Disease: Affecting the heart and blood vessels (arteries, capillaries and veins), cardiovascular disease remains the highest cause for mortality in the United States. While the risks increase with age and because of poor diet, many younger men who experience early signs of the condition may notice erectile problems. Because the disease tends to constrict vital arteries and veins near the penis, blood cannot find its way into the organ. Men with early or late signs of cardiovascular disease experience impotence, see weak erections, and notice trouble during enlargement techniques and regiments.
Diabetes: According to WebMD, men with diabetes develop erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than men without the condition. As men age, the likelihood of experiencing erectile issues because of diabetes will increase. For example, men in their 50s have a 50 to 60 percent chance of experiencing E.D., while men in their 70s have a 95 percent chance of dealing with E.D. caused by diabetes. Because diabetes constricts the flow of blood, the condition too will affect a man’s erectile strength and size, resulting in a weaker, smaller erection. Without blood flowing into the penis, enlargement efforts that pump blood or send nutrient-infused supplements via the blood cannot reach the penis.
Depression: Depression cannot cause erectile dysfunction, but medications, SSRIs that block serotonin receptors, can. According to studies, men who take SSRIs for prolonged periods notice weaker, smaller erections because of the drugs. With weak erections, less blood flows into the penis, and without blood, the penis cannot trap the liquid necessary for enlargement techniques and products.

Reversing Shrinkage and Gaining Stronger, Longer Erections During Enlargement Efforts

For men with chronic diseases, three issues affect them the most: the weaker erections, shrinkage and poor enlargement efforts. Depending on the condition, men will require different courses of action.
Men with Cardiovascular Disease: Your doctor likely prescribed blood pressure medication to reduce the constriction against your veins and arteries. The pills ineffectually reduce blood flow and pressure, two essential requirements for harder, longer erections. Men will need to improve their diet, start exercising and begin taking supplements that keep blood flowing toward the penis.
Men with Diabetes: Men with Type II diabetes will take insulin medicine and will typically measure their insulin levels daily. While a proper diet and exercise may improve erectile blood flow for longer, harder erections, some men may need added help from supplements that increases both blood flow and tissue rejuvenation for a longer, stronger erection.
Men with Depression: Men who take SSRIs may want to ask their doctors for a prescription change. If men cannot take other types of medication, they should try natural supplements that can quell depression while taking erectile-enhancement products for improved strength and tissue growth.
Men with chronic disease should focus on eliminating and curing the main condition first. By doing so, men can start to experience growth of the penile tissue for longer, harder erections. 

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