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Mind Nutrition For Positive Thinking
Put An End To ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

You tend to think the worst about yourself and others. You may dislike certain aspect of your life, i.e., self-image, income, or job. When problems arise, you think about the worse possible outcomes. You reenact negative scenarios in your mind. You perceive co-workers, friends, and even family members in a negative perspective.

This Solution Helps:
  • Feeling negative or weird after sex or masturbation
  • Can't stop Automatic Negative Thoughts. Worsen after sexual activities
  • Addicted to porn or masturbation
  • Suffering from post sex depression or guilt after ejaculation
  • Suffering from typical sexual exhaustion symptoms: fatigue, lower back discomfort, & unsustainable erection
Formulated To End Persistent Negative Thoughts Based On These Healing Herbs: 

A negative mind can poison your life. Negative thoughts attract negative energy, often making a man miserable and unhappy. When the brain is exhausted due to excessive masturbation or sexual activity, it will cause the manifestation of wear and tear on the body. Constant negative thoughts rooted in your nature as part of your psychological alert system for survival is called ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

Severe ANT problems will develop into a Negativity Bias in your mind that can leave you feeling worried, irritable, tiresome, drained, and in a constant negative disposition. Negative thoughts can damage your relationships with the people that support you. It's incredibly hard to be successful when your mind is working against you and making every day a struggle.

Snap It Out

A person must train the mind to think positive in order to stop a Negativity Bias. Let your mind and body rest by stopping excessive masturbation or frequent sexual activities. Don’t consume red meat and switch to foods that are rich in fiber. Feed your brain nutrients and herbs that contain adequate amounts of phyto-molecules and amino acids that are essential for rejuvenation.

Winning The Mind Game

To remove your Negativity Bias, it is important to accept the benefits of the herbs in this formula. Psychologists have surmised that the human thought process tends to dwell on bad news longer than good news. Unpleasant experiences affect the brain more powerfully than pleasant ones. Unfortunately, these Negativity Bias emotions - such as fear, anxiety, and anger - emerged at the dawn of human evolution as ways to help people survive and create the ability to make the determination of ‘fight or flight’.

Scientists have determined the following areas of the brain are affected by the Negativity Bias, including: [1]

  • Brainstem
  • Bilateral amygdala
  • Anterior cingulate
  • Ventral and dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC)
  • Brainstem and right-sided amygdala
Molecular Finding on Negativity Bias

Studies indicate that people who have a serotonin transporter (5-HTT-LPR) imbalance or malfunctioning genes tend to have established more Negativity Bias emotions than most others. Given that Negativity Bias is a feature of conditions such as depression and associated biological alterations, the findings have implications that may be translated into methods of suicide prevention and life quality improvement. [2]

How This Formula Will Help You

Herbal nutrients such as Pinellia, Vinpocetine, Medicated Leaven, Phellodendron, Green Tea, and Gastrodia can improve the blood circulation within several regions of the brain. Molecular analysis on just how these herbal complexes influence serotonin transporters are ongoing and are hot research topics in molecular botanical science. [1][2]

It Works

Researchers are still working how molecular signaling pathway inside the brain cells function. It will takes decades or longer for scientists figure out the exact mechanisms on how herbal formulas help reverse Negativity Bias.. Just like the old saying, “you don’t need to know how electricity works, but yet you are using it everyday.” Take advantage the gifts from nature and help yourself recover.

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