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Common Myths of Penis Enlargement
1. Penis size is proportional to height, hand size or foot size

Penis size is not related to height, hands or feet. Penis size is just like nose size – a very tall man might have a small nose and a short man might have a big nose. The Penis is an organ. Just like other organs, it is determined genetically & physiologically. Feed your penis with the right nutrients such as Botanical Growth Concoction to give you a natural advantage.


1. Most women really do care about your size.
2. The rise in technology--and accessibility to pornography--may increase your chances of penile shrinkage.  
3. By improving your hormonal function, you can reverse penile shrinkage caused by age

2. Penis Size is everything

Overall, men really put more emphasis on penis size than women. Is size really that important? It may depend on what specifically the penis is used for. Many women prefer large ones for oral sex, medium ones for vaginal sex, and small ones for anal sex. It all comes down to preference.

But one thing is consistent when it comes to vaginal sex, be it large or small, a man must be sexually skilled and understand a woman’s physical needs to please her. Think of this way, if you were a woman what do you preferred?

Penis is made of tissues and has no muscle fibers in it. Techniques can achieve great penis enhancement and enlargement without injury. Some injuries are sustainable and producing fibrous scar tissues formation.

3. If I don't have sex for a while, my penis will shrink irreversibly

Penis size is not dependent upon the frequency of having sex. Some organs of the body do shrink when not used in their full capacity. For example, the stomach will shrink a little bit if one decides to cut down their eating behavior. At the same token, overuse or injuried penis will resulted in penis shrinkage

4. Some women prefer a bigger penis

Once again, penis size is really a preference. But there are women who can be labeled “Size Queens.” These women believe that more of their vaginal’s erogenous zone is stimulated when they’re with a larger penis.

While this is true, it also comes down to compatibility – some women with smaller vaginal chambers will find a larger penis to big for their liking. Also, women will be the first to tell you that it takes much more than the penis to achieve orgasm. It may start there, but it’s going to take more to finish.

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