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When the Clit… Can’t - Dealing with an insensitive clitoris

Some women have it all. Or so it seems. Being attractive, rich, or successful is not an accurate gauge as to how good their sex life is. Nor is how poor or ‘down and dirty’ a woman appears to be. Every woman is an enigma, each a complex mystery unto her own.  Each is aroused in manners specific to her own passion and psyche. She knows what works for her and her man should, too. For example, not all women can experience a vaginal orgasm, and often rely on ‘clit play’ to cum. Unfortunately there are women that cannot enjoy that, either. They suffer from clitoral insensitivity.
Fortunately, the clitoris doesn’t have to be insensitive forever. Most often the problem is caused by naiveté, a lack of sexual experience. The solution there, obviously, is to learn to relax and touch yourself until you discover what stimulates you. It may take time, as will finding a partner you trust enough to help you further explore the realm of your sexual capability. But trust me, it will be well worth it.
In other women, the condition of clit insensitivity is actually developed. Abuse of sex toys, and even birth control pills can contribute to the disorder. When devices such as dildos and vibrators are used excessively, clitoral sensitivity is reduced, and damage of the clitoral nervous endings in the skin subsurface can result. Scar tissue is formed. Sometimes, simply ceasing to stimulate the clit for a week or two will allow the damaged nerves heal themselves. The scar tissues separate, and the underlying tissues become tender again. 
Other times, the nervous damage becomes extensive and deepens into the myelin sheath - an insulator and protector of the neurofibers that connect to the nervous endings - when you aggressively stimulate the sensitized clitoris. Plaque forms around damaged joints of neuron-muscular receptors and around the myelin sheath resulting in pain and numbness.
In worst-case scenarios, the clitoris becomes fully covered in scar tissue. There may be persistent sensations of pain, even without contact. If it’s the result of frequent use of a high-speed vibrator, the damage can extend to the bladder, urethra, cervix, anal sphincter muscles and rectum. It will not only cause sexual or orgasmic dysfunction, but also urinary or bowel movement incontinences.
As insensitivity may be caused by chronic over-stimulation of the clitoris and damage done from devices, birth control may exacerbate the problem as it has an adverse effect on libido. It can trigger an overproduction of the hormone prostaglandin E-2, causing an inflammatory effect on the body, damaging tissues, nerves and joints, weakening immunity, causing muscular and nervous pain. As a result, a variety of symptoms may be experienced, including depression, anxiety, bodily pains and sexual dysfunction such as an inability to be stimulated.
When you are engaging in intercourse, you want to feel something. You need a release. You deserve to reach a climax. When your partner fondles you, you should experience the tickling and the joyous little sensations. When he administers oral pleasure… well, you really want to be able to enjoy it. A woman should not resign herself to living with clitoral insensitivity.
Frankly, there is no need to suffer through numbed intimacy. A natural remedy had been developed, called the Herbal Tincture For Vaginal & Clitoral Insensitivity. Herbs proven to enhance sensitivity are used, such as ginger, which cleanses the blood thus positively affecting the heart and sex organs (when they are healthy, the internal energies are able to flow about the body much more freely). Such reactions have a positive impact on your entire physiology. Meanwhile, Dong Quai, often referred to as “female ginseng”, is a unique and powerful tonic that acts as a mighty potent aphrodisiac, heightening the senses of the most special area of your anatomy.
Whether you favorite part of intimacy is the kissing, touching or the sex, it’s always improved by the giddy feelings of desire a sensitive clitoris can provide.

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