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No Semen, No Sperm… Know Why. The mystery of Dry Orgasm revealed

There is an unusual sexual occurrence that may be of alarm to men who experience it - an orgasm without the ejaculation of semen. It’s known, appropriately enough, as a “dry orgasm”. Among males who masturbate prior to the changes of puberty, it’s the norm. They are physically unable to produce semen so their orgasms lack ejaculatory fluid. But there are widely varied reasons why men of other age groups experience the phenomenon.  
Among grown males of middle age, it is the curiosity of retrograde ejaculation to which dry orgasms are due. Basically, during the process of stimulation and orgasm, the ejaculate is produced but is forced in the wrong direction and does not erupt from the tip of the penis. It is instead misdirected to the bladder where the semen is mixed with urine, which turns cloudy and white as a result. This discoloration is a good positive method of identification for retrograde ejaculation. Under such circumstances, it's common for climaxes to feel less profound or intense. This is because the pleasurable sensation triggered by the expansion of the urinary pipe that occurs when the semen shoots into it is essentially prevented.
Among sexually active young men, a dry orgasm can occur as the result of excessive sexual activity. If a particularly virile young buck has already ejaculated between three to six times in the span of a single day, the production of semen simply cannot keep up the pace. Here too, a slightly different sensation will accompany the climax that is free of ejaculate.
Other potential causes of the disorder are even more rare. Certain medications and injuries may contribute to the issue. There are types of blockages, such as a blocked sperm duct, seminal vesicle obstruction, and congenital abnormalities of the reproductive system that are generally remedied with ease when tended to by a urologist.
Among older men, complications of the prostate can lead to the development of the condition. The release of semen may be blocked by a tumor or cyst growth and sharp pains in the testicles will accompany the orgasm. An enlarged prostate may also lead to fluidless climax, as can aftereffects of certain medical treatments for prostatic disease.
Of course, ejaculation can be manually prevented with a little physical force. Pressure on the urinary pipe will prevent fluid from releasing. When the penis is squeezed hard enough, there can be no ejaculation, just as pressure to the area of skin between the testicles and the anus can also cause a dry orgasm. But seminal emissions will leak out immediately upon the pressure’s release.
For men who are trying to get their partners pregnant, dry orgasms are a serious and confounding concern. With no semen entering the vagina, there is virtually no chance that they will conceive. In such cases, the sperm can be procedurally extracted and used for impregnation by means of artificial insemination. Obviously, this is specialized work done by licensed fertility clinics. 
There are a variety of treatment options available to men suffering from dry orgasm, from surgical procedures to medications. There are even natural remedies, such as the Retrograde Ejaculation Solution, which are trusted. Of course, it is always wise to consult a physician to determine the best course of action.

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