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Low Sex Drive - Caused by Abdominal Obesity

It’s common knowledge that obesity kills the libido. It becomes more apparent in aging men. Many research findings indicate that low testosterone and abdominal obesity reinforce each other. Most men with steady weight gain do not know that they have become trapped in a vicious cycle leading to abdominal obesity combined with sexual dysfunction.[1][2][3][4]

Most men they never realize that obesity is the major culprit in cutting down their sexual power. It’s not surprising to see that no matter how much they exercise or how little they eat, the attempts to reduce the waistline eventually end futile. Even worse, long term obesity is the leading cause for various cardiovascular and metabolic syndromes such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, and Cancer.

Despite the fact that growing research indicates that lower testosterone would affect a man’s overall health, most doctors do not recommended tests of testosterone levels for their overweight male patients. It’s up to an educated person to find out their testosterone level.

What Started First?
It’s clear that obesity and low testosterone levels reinforce each other. But what starts first? Most scientists agree that obesity comes first, resulting in low testosterone. Adipose (fat) tissues contain enzymes, and one prevalent enzyme called aromatase converts testosterone into estradiol. When fat tissues grow, so do the concentrations of aromatase, which then starts breaking down testosterone. In this state, the body begins to loses its stable production of testosterone. Males will need aNatural Male Libido Supplement & Pillsto help realign the depletions in hormone levels. Thanks to ingredients such as Cuscuta, Cynomorium and Morinda men can produce more testosterone, increase nitric oxide production for added blood flow and stimulation, and increase their sexual stamina for longer sex.[5][6][7]

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