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Age: How Being Over 35 Affects Your Penis Length

At age 40, you will notice several changes encumber your body that your 30-year-old-self neglected to see—weight gain, aging joints, pain throughout your body and a deflated sense of self esteem. Men entering their 40s understand the challenges ahead, but some assume certain issues will never affect their lives—including penis shrinkage.
Most men assume penis shrinkage is a condition that will elude them, but according to reports, more and more men entering their 40s start to see a decrease in penis size after 35. While the decrease in size may seem small, the older a man gets, the smaller the penis becomes.

The Science Behind Shrinkage

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, explains how penis shrinkage occurs. According to Dr. Goldstein, men can notice shrinkage because of
1. A buildup of plaque, known as fat, that prevents the flow of blood
2. A buildup of inelastic scar tissue that prevents arteries from increasing in size inside the fibrous sheath of the erectile chambers
Men who notice shrinkage because of fat or scar tissue will seek immediate help, but may notice delayed results for restoring their original size. Why? A man’s age will affect his ability to lengthen his penis. Because of decreased hormone levels, a man will notice a more difficult time gaining and maintaining an erection.

Improving Your Length

As with penis shrinkage, men at a certain age who try to enlarge their penises cannot because of the lack of proper nutrients and hormones within their bodies. For example, a man who tries an enlargement technique or exercise may notice no improvements. Why? Some of the blame falls on the techniques inability to provide results, while other causes can include lack of hormones, nutrients and poor diets that prevent men from gaining the size they want.
Still, men who take Deer Antler for Enlargement can notice size improvements thanks to the elevated hormone-like substances that assist males with lowered hormone products. According to user-testimonials, individuals who take Deer Antler reported

  • Growth of the penile tissue thanks to the IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor -1) that provide increases to both length and girth
  • Growth of the spongy tissue of the penis that increase the girth of an erection

Men over the age of 35 will notice distinct disadvantages, but men should not let their age stop them from achieving the penile size they’ve always wanted. With time, patience and a strict discipline to the supplements, men can notice improved results.   

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