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Penis Shrinkage & Masturbation – The FAQs You're Probably Afraid to Ask
It's every guy's worst fear. You wake up one morning, toss your covers to the side, gaze between your legs, and scream in horror. Your once thick and elongated penis now resembles a miniature tree stump. You smack yourself several times, hoping to awaken, but this is no dream.

Could it really happen? Maybe not to such a dramatic extent, but penis shrinkage is definitely a reality. And the cause may be your very own masturbatory compulsions. Consider just a few of the common questions that many guys ponder, but are afraid to ask.

How Exactly Does Over Masturbation Cause Penile Shrinkage? Over masturbation can cause two problems that lead to penile shrinkage:I. A plaque buildup that prevents the flow of blood
II. Buildup of inelastic scar tissue that prevents arteries from increasing in size. Both issues, according to Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, serve as the causes for penile shrinkage
Can My Penis Really Shrink? 
Yes. Yes it can. 
Yes. I thought we already established that, but I will elaborate. In order for your penis to achieve its maximum size, it requires a healthy flow of blood, and it requires the arteries inside the penis to expand. When these two process are inhibited, your penis fails to reach its maximum size potential, and therefore, you start noticing that you're just not achieving the size of penile dominance you once enjoyed. 
Can Masturbation Really Cause Penis Shrinkage?
Unfortunately, yes. If you haven't realized it by now, every fun thing in the universe has consequences when you overindulge. If you eat too much fast food, you develop high cholesterol and a plethora of other health problems.

If you spend too much time playing Xbox, your eyes get bloodshot and your social life goes straight to hell. If you masturbate too much, you can cause permanent damage to your penis, including—but certainly not limited to—loss in girth and length....(more on shrinkage caused by masturbation)
Does God Do This to Us for His Own Amusement? 
Why Does Masturbation Cause Penis Shrinkage? 
According to a report from Men's Health, vigorous masturbation is the No.1 cause of penis rupture, but many guys don't even realize that there's a problem. When you masturbate compulsively, you're doing serious damage to your penis.

Your penis is a highly sensitive piece of flesh, so if you constantly abuse it, you have to imagine that there are going to be consequences. Excess masturbation causes the buildup of plaque, which inhibits healthy blood flow, and it also causes the formation of scar tissue, which prevents the arteries from expanding. As a result, your penis loses that spring in its step. It's like trying to fill a balloon with holes in it. 

How Much Masturbation is Too Much? 

If you have to ask, you're probably already doing it too much. Every guy is different, but in general, if you're masturbating more than a couple of times per week, you should probably slow down.

If you find yourself masturbating daily, or even multiple times per day, you're playing with fire. If you can't manage the compulsion, there is probably something much deeper going on emotionally. Consider speaking with a therapist or even a trusted friend.

She cares about your penile shrinkage, too!
Shrinkage caused by over masturbation develops in stages. Learn what you can do to stop penile shrinkage!
What Else Causes Penis Shrinkage? 
Basically, anything that disrupts blood flow to the penis can contribute to penis shrinkage. For instance, Men's Health notes that smoking can cause the penis to shrink by as much as a centimeter, because smoking inhibits healthy blood flow. Poor diet can also play a role, as it causes the arteries to become clogged.
I'm Noticing Signs of Penis Shrinkage – What Can I Do? 
Most importantly, take a nice, healthy sabbatical from masturbation. Let your penis heal for a few weeks. Then, take it easy on the self-love. In addition, make sure to address any other lifestyle factors, like smoking or poor diet.

You might also want to Massage your X-spot for recovery graduatedly and try some nourishing herbs that have been shown to stimulate natural penis growth. For instance, Cistanche and Ginseng have been shown to improve blood circulation, while Cuscuta increases the natural production of nitric oxide, which amounts to harder, fuller erections.

Certain herbal remedies contain combinations of these ingredients, which treat the entire problem (See: Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth)

Most importantly, remember that your penis isn't a punching bag. If you're good to it, it will be good to you.
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