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Girth Versus Length – What Does She Really Prefer?
Obviously, both of these extremes are rather undesirable, and if forced to choose between a tree stump and a pencil, a lot of women might just ask for a vagina instead. Obviously there needs to be some semblance of balance, so perhaps we should frame the debate a bit differently: Is it better to be of average length and above-average girth, or average girth and above-average length? As it turns out, there is in fact a right answer, at least according to research. 
And the Winner Is...
Most women prefer girth over length, and scientific precedent proves it. As Men's Health has noted, several comprehensive studies on this very topic concluded girth always comes out the winner.

Why? For starters, a wider penis promotes greater clitoral stimulation, and length is far less significant. The vagina is actually relatively shallow, with an average of 4 inches of depth. Most of the sexual stimulation happens along and near the wall of the vagina, so if you want to have the maximum impact, girth is necessary.

You may have 9 inches of length dangling like a pendulum between your knees, but if the circumference is weak, you're basically packing a glorified sexual toilet snake. Little stimulation will occur between her ovaries.  
This problem, depending on the package with which nature has graced you, may be the best news you've heard all week or the worst news you've heard all year. Maybe you're pinching both sides of your penis right now in an effort to stretch it outward like a lifeless lump of pizza dough. Unfortunately, that won't expand your penile girth, but it may just rupture a blood vessel or two.

Your penis is not like clay. You cannot mold it into the shape of a farm animal, and you cannot expand it with a swift squeeze of your palms. However, that doesn't mean that you must simply call it a loss and join the priesthood [insert tasteless priest joke here]. 
Improving Your Own Girth
If you want a thicker, firmer penis, you can take action. First, it's important to understand the role that blood flow plays in penis size. Whether you're a grower or a show-er, your penis has a natural tendency to expand when blood fills the chambers. That's why it's so embarrassing to get an erection when receiving a physical from the touchy-feely doctor (maybe that's just me).

When blood flow is at its best, the penis expands to its maximum girth and stiffness, but you may have already caused damage to your natural blood flow without even realizing it. Do you frequently masturbate? Or did you frequently masturbate as a teenager? You can be honest; I'm not here to judge. 
Frequent masturbation causes scar tissue and plaque accumulation along the penis, and that causes blood flow to become inhibited. It's like trying to flush a clogged toilet. There are some effective herbs that you can take to repair the tissue damage and promote stronger blood flow, which will leave you feeling thicker in very little time.

But before you do anything else, you should definitely cut back on the masturbation, assuming that's still an issue. You're not in puberty anymore, and your penis isn't invincible. 
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