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Reach for that All-Natural Turbo Fuel Shilajit When You Want to Turn That Fizzle into Some Sizzle

I remember back in the day when I knew a guy named Toby who used to grill all of the time. Now when I say “all of the time,” I’m not talking like once a week – I’m talking 4 to 5 times per week. Once he even grilled every day for several weeks (he was in some sort of bar-b-que frenzy).
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Spinning the Downward Spiral: Repair Hard Living and Sexual Exhaustion with the Herbal Remedy ViaPal-hGH-O

Vic appears straight as an arrow. He’s a gourmet chef and cookbook author. He has an MBA from Stanford University and collects model airplanes. When home, he spends his time studying, mowing lawn and testing new recipes.
Hard Living
But Vic’s life wasn’t always so tidy. He started smoking cigarettes at age nine, masturbating the following year and drinking before he was a teenager. These pastimes became obsessions, and even his parents couldn’t stop Vic’s downward spiral.
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Puny Pop-Gun or Mighty Mortar? – Sparing Yourself the Misery of Small Erections

I remember back years ago while I was attending college, I used to take a lot of courses purely out of interest. When I finally talked to a counselor for the first time, I found out that I should have been taking certain courses here, certain courses there, all in order to fulfill my general education requirements. That sure made me feel like a real boob!
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Bruised But Not Broken: How to Treat Penis Pain Due to Overmasturbation

I’ve heard. I’ve heard about how you started masturbating at eight, nine, or ten-years-old; way before you hit puberty. I’ve heard your worries on how you’ve ended up with a curved penis, a weird erection, how sometimes sex hurts, how even ejaculation can hurt. I’ve heard about how you can masturbate to orgasm, but can’t achieve orgasm with a woman. How you can’t stay hard during sex. How you can’t get fully hard, even when you want to. You’ve asked, and I have answers.
Too Young
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The Over-Caffeinated Zombie – Rekindling Your Sex Drive

Mark ran his own office – and in the last few months, he’d gone from a more understanding type of individual to more demanding and short-tempered. His employees had noticed this transformation but were too afraid to bring it up for fear that they might get fired.
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Masturbation: How Much Is Too Much?

I would definitely have to say that I was introduced to my own sexuality very early in life. By the time I was fourteen, I already knew how to masturbate, and was doing it quite often. I realized it's potential immediately after my very first orgasm. From then on I was pretty much like a sex machine...For myself, anyway.
Gaining Exposure
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Poppy Cock! When You Just Can’t Stop Your Premature Ejaculation Because of Prostate Growth

There you are…sitting on your couch waiting for your date to call and tell you that she’s about to park. You’ve got some good smooth music on and your bachelor pad is nice and neat. Heck, it hasn’t been this clean since your mother last visited. And before you leave, you head to the bathroom, a trend that seems to have risen over the last few months. You stand over the toilet, straining, pushing, grunting.
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Approaches to Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction Damaged by Prostate Growth

Joe and Rich had been best friends for years, ever since college. Now in the mid-40s they remained as tight as ever and had helped each other avoid some potentially disastrous relationships with compromised women. They confided in each other with full disclosure; there was no BS between them and recently both realized that they were suffering from another potentially disastrous situation: impotence.
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The Trials & Tribulations of Youth – Eliminating the Acne Menace Once and For All

I remember back in the day while I was in the 6th grade, I met this other kid named “Sam,” at least for the sake of this article we’ll call him that (in case he ever comes across this!). We were sort of rivals at first and then after some silly kid showdown stuff we became friends.
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Losing Not Only your Concentration But also Your Hard-Ons – ADD Drugs

If someone from say…40 or 50 years ago looked at this crazy modern world that we live in today they would most likely think that everything is spinning out of control. Today’s world seems to be stuck on turbo. Everything is expected to be faster and faster; video games have more and more emphasis on fast action with a storyline as an afterthought. Movies follow suit – bringing giant orange fireballs and blood and guts to audiences instead of good storytelling and prose.
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