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Sex After 60 Delivers Healthy Results

Contrary to what Miley Cyrus might believe, sex after 40, 50 and, yes, even 60 can be quite exciting. Sex after 60 is healthy. In fact, there really is no validity to statements that suggest sex after 60 is too strenuous and should be avoided due to the risks, such as heart attack or stroke.
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The Truth Behind Male Menopause & Low Testosterone Levels

“Male menopause” is sometime used to describe the natural decline in testosterone levels among men as they age. However, the term can be misleading, because female menopause is significantly different in comparison.
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Is Male Menopause Ruining Your Marriage?

Low testosterone levels were zapping the judge's zest for living, diminishing his sex drive, reducing the results of gym workouts and even causing him to lose...
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The real truth about the male sex hormone

Do you know multiple deficiency of male hormones, especially testosterone can quickly increase the risk of death for senior. Completed research data can be found in Archive of Internal Medicine November 2007 publication.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine: the rise of ginseng

Panax Ginseng is also known as Chinese Ginseng. It's becomes more popular than ever. As more people are sick and tired of drinking energy drinks and coffee for energy, and got chronic tiredness in return.
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Lower Testosterone Levels Increase Risk of Early Death in Senior

It’s no secret or surprise that testosterone, insulin growth factor, and DHEA declined with age for both man and women. Researchers has followed the hormone levels of 410 men older than 65 years old and found death rate increased tremendously in fold with 6 years gap.
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