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The Aging Man and His Sex Drive: What You Can Do to Keep Your Sex Drive Intact

Jeff had aged. He was full of life experience and wisdom. He raised 4 kids, and each had entered the workforce as a productive citizen. But age caused Jeff to lose his hair. Age caused him to gain 50 pounds. And age even lead to his current issue—male menopause.
Age-related testosterone loss often causes male menopause. And for a man like Jeff, the loss of testosterone lead to his moodiness, low sex drive and weight gain.  
“T” Effects
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Do You Know The Hormonal Culprit Behinded Your Aging Erectile Tissues

Jennifer’s father was 53, healthy, active and happy. But as he aged, he gained weight; he lost his happiness; and he became moody. Her father, Bill, suffered from male menopause. Bill’s wife also reported some unpleasant issues—aging erectile tissues that caused problems in the bedroom. 
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Dealing with Male Low Libido & Inability To Orgasm - Does Not Matter Which Came First?

Men often witness a reduction in sex drive as they age. They let the issue go unsolved assuming age is the cause. And while age may indeed be the issue for low sex drive, men must resolve the problem to avoid permanent loss to sexual desires and to prevent psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression. It's like the chicken or the egg causality dilemma - which came first? 
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Give Life Again To Your Manhood - Are You Low In "T"?

When I was 12, my brother had his first physical examination. He, like most 8 year olds, didn’t hesitate to yank down his shorts when asked by the doctor. He stood there—naked, proud and a bit perplexed by some random medical expert touching his private areas. Ask a grown man to do what my brother did, and the man may seem a bit hesitant.
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Deer Antler—Heals Injuries on the Field and in the Bedroom

Anybody catch that last Super Bowl? How bout them Ravens, huh? I wouldn’t call myself a fan after the humiliating loss they handed my team. Not going to say the name but “hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle.” Anyway, it was a great game and an awesome way for future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis to end his career.

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Abdominal Obesity Causes Low Testosterone With Potentially Dire

I remember meeting a guy named Jason Starxx in high school. He was a portly fellow who often was the source of light bantering due to his weight. The girls teased him. The boys harassed him. Event the staff members took verbal shots at him.
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How Stress and Anxiety Leads to Male Menopause

Menopause is a phase women experience because of hormonal changes. Male menopause occurs for the same reasons: as the body ages, hormone levels change. Once testosterone levels dip below normal, men can experience weak erections, mood swings, fatigue and even impotence.
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Man... Are you on men-on-pause?

Menopause requires the word "men" to spell, and while men may not menstruate, they still suffer menopausal-like issues caused by fleeting testosterone.
Male menopause, sometimes called "Man-o-pause" or "men-on-pause," remains a new idea. Just in the last few years, the condition started to became more acceptable as a possible cause for hormonal changes in men.
Men and Their “T” 
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Andropause Caused By Low Testosterone Levels

Male menopause, referred to as andropause, causes a testosterone deficiency. While menopause involves a plummet in hormone production during a relatively short period of time, men tend to experience hormone decline more gradually. This decline can begin after the age of 30 and can be so subtle that the changes in sexual function, mood, and energy level go unnoticed for years.
Importance of Testosterone
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Male Menopause - Is It A "Low Blow"?

Generally, Menopause is a condition that affects adults who are approaching mid life. In the past, it was a well-known condition that women experienced, but researches are finding out that men are also victims. The condition comes with many symptoms including, fatigue, lack of sex drive, and depression.
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