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What Is Testicle Torsion?

Testicle torsion happens to one out of 4000 males, 70% of these cases occurring before birth.[1] Testicular torsion occurs if the testes rotates from the spermatic cord that is attached from the testicle to the abdomen. Sometimes, the testicular pain & discomfort are associated with excessive masturbation or injury. If symptoms of sexual exhaustion are simultaneously experienced the problem is due to over masturbation.
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Low Sperm Equals High Pain

Women profess the most painful, traumatic experience they will endure is labor. Men’s follow-up response: “try getting hit in the balls.” A nudge, a tap, even the slightest graze can cause an inordinate amount of pain.
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The Pain of Abstaining - Semen retention can have its own consequences

People aren’t commonly aware that the intentional retention of semen can cause symptoms that are just as bad as those from overmasturbation. A possible consequence of quitting masturbation and sex may be noticeable inflammatory pains in the penis and testicles upon arousal. Read more

No Laughing Matter - The Pain and Ramifications of Penile Injury

Why is it we are inclined to chuckle when we see someone kicked in the groin? It’s a tried and true gag, we’ve seen countless variations of it played out in films and movies. But anyone who has been on the receiving end of a testicular or penile injury can say with utmost certainty – it’s no laughing matter. Read more

Is Masturbation Bad? - Debating an age-old Controversy

Whether masturbation is good or bad really depends on how long you can do it without affecting the functions of other organs. Read more
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