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Erectile and erection dysfunction caused by vasectomy

For some men, vasectomy is a cost saving and permanent birth control. Unwanted pregnancy and cost of condom can be substantial at a long run. Unfortunately, no surgical procedure is without risk. Read more

Ouch! Injury To The Penis Is A Hurtful Cause Of Impotence

An obvious and possibly most feared potential cause of impotence is an injury to the penis. A bruised or painful penis can result from a penis fracture, which makes it virtually impossible to engage in sexual activity.
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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick with Tongkat Ali

Find out how this herb can power your libido, enhance erections, and boost your energy today! Read more

Little Red Berries: A Recipe for Super Orgasms?

Find out what Shizandra has in store for you and her… tonight! Read more

Cistanche - “Warm Wand” Gives Men and Women Across the World Cause to Rejoice!

The cutting edge science fiction author William Gibson is credited with coining the term “cyberspace” in his ground-breaking book, Neuromancer.  Cyberspace, as you know, refers to the virtual space in which this text you are reading and the software-created world of the Internet exists. Read more

Make Way for Brazilian Madness - The Catuaba

We’re going to talk about another amazing natural remedy for the lackluster sex life.  Specifically we’re going to look at an herb that does a very good job at providing men with harder, longer-lasting erections. Read more

Men Suffering from Erotic Electrostimulation

The fundamental problem with electronic sexual stimulation is that it is too intense for the sex organs.  Frequent electronic stimulation in the PC (pelvic) muscles and prostate will train the prostate nerves to ejaculate as soon as possible. Read more

Ejaculation Disorders 101

Healthy ejaculation is as critical to a man's sexual confidence as penis size. Yet for many men, their orgasmic experience is ruined by weak or irregular ejaculations. More than just a sexual dysfunction, an ejaculation disorder can be a symptom of another underlying health concern. Read more

Crystal Meth Ruins My Erections

Methamphetamine, or “Meth”, is a very popular drug used to increase alertness and awareness and has the similar effect of the natural body-produced chemical, adrenaline. Following its initial use in the Second World War, meth first gained popularity as an illicit drug in Japan, then the US, and has since been used in epidemic proportions worldwide. Meth use has been on the rise for years, yet its side effects are quite destructive.
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Second Hand Smoke Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Passive smoking can cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The negative side effects of cigarette smoking are well publicized.  From lung cancer to heart disease to circulation difficulties, smoking is one of the most self-destructive activities we partake in as people. But what many people don't realize is the impact smoking has on sexual dysfunction.
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