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Evaluating the Erection - Learn how an erection works and what causes Erectile Dysfunction

Anatomy of an Erection
An erection occurs when blood floods the penis and engorges it, making it erect and full. Nitric oxide is the primary ingredient responsible for the process.
The penis isn't a muscle as commonly thought, but rather an organ comprised of cavernous chambers made up of sponge-like tissue. These chambers are known as the corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosa. The tissues contain smooth muscles, fibrous tissue, veins, and arteries.
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An Overview of Western Medicine Impotence Treatments

From pills to pumps there have been a wide array of methods devised to treat sexual impotence among males. Here, we take a clinical look at a variety of such remedies, revealing how they work and analyzing their effectiveness… Read more

The Science of Stress - How is stressed linked to the body and can it be responsible for sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation?

You might be surprised how much stress is running through your daily life. Stress is more than just the worry you have concerning work or school. Stress comprises all the surprises, joys, sorrows, and pain that you experience. However, stress is more than just the mental and emotional events you come across. Stress also includes all the physical wear and tear that you deal with. Read more

The Sexual Consequences of Job Stress

The statistics are out there and it’s getting worse. Job stress has become a major issue for employers, insurance companies, and workers just like you. Its growing effect leads to injuries and illnesses. 40% of job turnover is due to stress, while 60 to 80% of job accidents are stress related. Read more

Thermal Imaging - New Light on Sexual Dysfunctions

Since the early days of documented medicine, physicians have relied on temperature change as an important indication of health or illness. However, while doctors are aware of the physiological and temperature changes that accompany illness and injury, they are unable to measure these physiological signals using imaging modalities such as x-ray and ultrasound, which provide anatomical images of the body’s structure. Read more

Elvis has Left the Building - Singing the Blues about Impotence?

Everything is just peachy until one day you realize that your little soldier refuses to salute. You can't raise the flag. The gopher won't come out to see its shadow. Read more

Understanding Meridians For Better Sexual Health - How 'Yin and Yang' affect our sex lives

One of the great achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine was the concept and exposure of our body’s “Meridian” pathways through which our lifeforce, our “Qi”, flows. Equally profound was the subsequent and complete mapping of these bio-energy channels within the human body. Read more

The Ignorance of Impotence - The truth behind overlooked herbal cures

There are many potential reasons for impotence among males. Chemical factors such as HGH depletion, dopamine depletion, and DHEA depletion, as well as physical causes such as excessive masturbation, can all contribute to erectile dysfunction and soft erections. Read more

Human Organ Restoration For Diabetics & Sexual Well Being

The Human Organ Restoration Theory combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Scientific methodologies. Initially pathology, symptommatology and clinical therapeutics in the East and West were studied to produce the best treatment possible. Read more

How Does Human Organ Restoration Work On Improving the Tissue and Functions of Islets in Langerhans?

Diabetic patients tend to suffer from various erectile and erection dysfunctions, including impotence, premature ejaculation, and reverse ejaculation. In fact, reverse ejaculation problems are due to damaged nerves in the bladder tissue caused by diabetes. Read more


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