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The Decline of Testosterone…and the trail of dysfunction

As a man gets older, his testosterone levels typically decrease approximately 1% every year after the age of 35. That’s a whopping 10% depletion each decade thereafter. In some men, the loss of testosterone is even greater. It is in these cases that complications such as erectile dysfunction are the most prevalent. Read more

Milk & Impotence - The unique range of Prolactin effects

Perhaps most commonly affiliated with its role in the lactation of the female breasts, prolactin serves additional functions as well. It is a regulator of the immune system with a profound effect on important growth factors and is even involved in the regulation of blood clotting. Read more

Honing the use of HGH

Despite its recent rep, HGH can do wonders for sex dysfunctions when used responsibly. Read more

Estrogen in a Man’s World - How Estrogen Relates to Male Sexual Dysfunction

Estrogen is primarily known as the predominantly female hormone that helps build calcium in bones, increases sexual drive, and prevents the overheating of the nervous system. Not commonly known is that it also assists in the alternating of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous functions needed for bio-electric charging and is actually necessary for the engorgement of sex organs. Read more

The Sexual Implications of Low and High DHEA - How a hormone deficiency may be responsible for impotence

DHEA (unabbreviated, “dehydroepiandrosterone”) is known as a ‘master’ hormone that is produced by the ‘good’ cholesterol, DHL. DHEA has many functions but it is primarily responsible for joint and muscle lubrication, and the healing of damaged tissues. Read more

Conquering Erectile Dysfunction - Herballove Community Member Feedback!

The effects of erectile dysfunction seem to be the most popular source of troubles for the men and women who visit our website. Often referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction can have devastating effects on a man's life and a couple's partnership. Read more

The Curse of the Weak Erection…is not without a cure…

Many factors must be present for successful sexual intercourse. First and foremost, the presence of a sexual partner is necessary, obviously. Second, and not too far behind in importance, is a man’s firm erection. Read more

Kidney Yang Deficiency - A crucial step toward impotence

Many people that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction have a symptom that is categorized in Chinese medicine as "Kidney Yang Deficiency Sexual Dysfunction" more commonly known as "Weak Erection." Read more

Biking - A Dangerous Exercise? - How a favorite activity can cause Impotence

According to countless studies over the last two decades, it’s a fact - Bikers are more likely than runners to suffer from impotence. Read more

Common Impotence Myths - A list of ‘old-wives tales’ detailing issues of impotence

There is a higher incidence of Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) among older men because of age-related conditions, such as vascular disease, diabetes and their related medications. Although it does mainly affect older men, younger males are not immune. Erectile Dysfunction should not be considered a natural or acceptable part of the ageing process. Just because one is getting older does not mean that they will have Erectile Dysfunction. Read more


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