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Soft Erection Due To Too Much Junk Food

There’s nothing like comfort food when you’re having a rough day. But eat too much of it, and you wind up feeling worse than you started. That’s usually the sign that you’ve overindulged, and you won’t be likely to again for a while. However, for those who routinely eat junk food, there can be serious consequences.
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If Your Body Was A Movie Set, Your Penis Would Be The Star

Neurotransmitters damaged by meth abuse can lead to long-lasting erectile dysfunction Read more

Don't Let Stress Keep You Down

Every now and again, everyone will suffer from a bout of stress and anxiety. For some, anxiety will alter lifestyles. Anxiety can cause fear. Anxiety can damage relationships. And anxiety may even cause impotence. Anxiety alters the mind’s ability to concentrate and perform—two crucial elements required for sex.
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Cocaine Makes Your Penis Limp & Soft

Regular cocaine abuse cannot only lead to problems that you have normally heard of but problems related to sex as well. Regular cocaine abusers suffer from a low sex drive and many of them have even claimed to become impotent. Although one of the most abused drugs in the world initially gives a feel of bettering lives, it can eventually turn your physical and emotional life upside down.

How Cocaine Kill Erection
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Improvement of Sexual Health by Fighting Hypertension

Diet and exercise remain at the forefront of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diet prevents weight gain. Exercise staves off health issues. And both create a vital tandem in preventing major health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.
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Prostatitis: Understand The Symptoms, Save Your Sex Life

Prostatitis inflames the prostate, causing urinary and orgasm pain. About the size of a walnut, the prostate is a gland located just below the bladder that creates the fluid that carries sperm along. Therefore, prostate fluid + sperm = semen.

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Going Off Antidepressants Equals Finding Your Libido!

Antidepressants prove helpful during moments of emotional distress. And stopping the use of antidepressants can prove difficult, especially if you suffer from the withdrawal effects, such as headaches, nausea, dry mouth, weight gain and erectile issues. According to recent studies, antidepressants that use SSRIs can lead to erectile dysfunction in some men
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The Ups and Downs of Impotence: Age, Arteries and Blood Flow

Known as Erectile Dysfunction, impotence refers to the consistent inability to obtain or sustain a firm erection. Soft truth be told, this issue remains the most common sexual problem affecting half of all men over the age of 40. Read more

What Does Age Have To Do With The Weak and The Premature?

It is not uncommon for men to experience weaker erections as they age—and even premature ejaculations because of a weakened erection. The symptoms you are describing: poor memory and lack of motivation, may be caused by male menopause.
Men Can Have Menopause?
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Stress Factors Behind Your ED

Perhaps the most common cause of impotence among males is stress. If one has too much on their mind, it will naturally be difficult to simply relax and enjoy their partner. Read more


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