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Does Ecstasy Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

Considered an aphrodisiac, Ecstasy increases sexual desire, but decreases a man’s ability to get an erection, according to a Colombia University blog called “Ask Alice.” Further, Ecstasy users experience a decreased ability to ejaculate.
The Dangers of Ecstasy
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Red Yeast Rice for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Having trouble getting or maintain an erection?  

Before you start asking your physician for erectile-enhancement drugs, maybe you should ask your physician for a blood test. Why? Because one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is elevated cholesterol levels.

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Cause Of Diabetes Related Erectile Dysfunction Is Treatable

Frequent urination, unquenchable thirst, weight loss and fatigue are the usual day-to-day symptoms associated with diabetes.  And while common ailments continue to beset men and women, diabetes can disrupt another important function erectile function.
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Diabetes - Making Your Erection Die Too Soon?

It’s tough enough just trying to keep the fire burning in your relationship as the years pass.

Intimacy often fizzles for various reasons, but don’t let your diabetes become the deciding factor that comes between you and the kind of loving you want. For many men, sexual desire hardly dies; the river of love is still flowing strong, but the bloodstream in the veins has come to a halt, literally.
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Pot Smoking Hard on a Penis

Smoking marijuana may seem like just another way to relax. But, most men who smoke probably never realize the tough blows their penises take each time they take a drag.
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Why Erectile Dysfunction Can Signal Aging Arteries & Heart Diseases?

Impotence refers to a condition where the penis loses the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Impotence can create an embarrassing situation for the sufferer and put off the opposite partner.

It can also cause strain in existing relationships and steal the much needed spice from your sex life.

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Are Your Heart Problems Disrupting Your Sex Life?

It is a well-known fact that heart disease is on the rise, and has been for years. Modern day sedentary lifestyles combined with cheap, fast foods and steady increase in portions have contributed to poor heart health across the country.

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Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction - Party Is Over

You may have gone partying last weekend, and things in the bedroom were ok, not terrible, but not the usual, high energy, high satisfaction. You’ve been around the partying scene, and you’ve had sex high on drugs plenty of times. You may have had sex recently—and you may have been sober. But in your sober state, you lacked virility. 
The Dangers of Stimulant Drugs
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Men Who Smoke Prone to Erectile Dysfunctions

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to a variety of devastating, potentially fatal conditions: lung and throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease, stroke, etc. If those dangers aren’t enough to make you snuff out cigs for good, here’s one more threat that will probably get your attention: smoking has been proven to be a direct cause of erectile dysfunction!  

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Cure Alcohol Abused Impotence Effectively & Naturally

For many men, alcohol can be a helpful aphrodisiac. However, when alcohol consumption becomes abusive, it can lead to impotence. Excessive alcohol consumption allows toxins to enter the bloodstream and alter the cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid that cushions the brain. In addition to sexual dysfunction, alcohol abuse can also lead to chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, poor memory, anxiety, dizziness and poor sleep quality.
The Loss of Nitric Oxide
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