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Scoring a Touchdown for Your Sex Drive – Zinc Style!

Sam was a pretty popular guy on the college campus; he was tall, athletic, and was a star player on the school football team. He definitely had his pick of many of the prime chicks on campus, that’s for sure. Recently however, Sam had been injured during a football practice session in which he tore a knee ligament. He was sure that he’d recover from it soon since he was still young and healthy, but in the meantime he’d have to wait things out and not strain himself.
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Managing Diabetes for Better Erectile Strength

Type 2 diabetes ranks as the third most preventable disease in the United States, according to the CDC. Type 2 diabetes is also the number one cause for kidney failure, and equally insidious, diabetes will cause impotence in half of diabetic men.

Men who suffer from diabetes will experience impotence because of an impairment of the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Men with diabetes will want to find a cure—and fast—to prevent further damage to their relationships and sex lives.
What Should You Do
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Penile Injections for Harder Erections

Penile injections provide solace for men with erectile issues. The injections fill the penis with chemicals that relax and strength the muscles for a harder erection. Men typically work with doctors to administer the injections; however, constant injections can present several complications.
Penile nodules, a deformity from constant injections, can appear along the shaft. These nodules look like pimples, but they are hard bumps that appear as red or discolored skin.
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Puff, Puff Goes the Erections

At a recent get together, a distraught friend shared a story with me. He had recently met a fabulous girl and things were progressing in just the way he hoped. He’s been rather unlucky in love, so I was happy for him.

One night, they were back at her place, relaxing, hanging out, getting to know each other. After a few hours, it fell apart for my friend. It took some coaxing to get him to admit the problem, but according to him he couldn’t get it up. 
Lucky Him
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Poor Diet Leads To Poor Erection & Unhealthy Penis

Diet and exercise affect every part of the body, include the penis. The penis, like any other part of the body, requires good nutrition and exercise to say in shape. Exercise keeps the penile muscle and tissue healthy, and a good diet supplies nutrients to the penis to ensure a firm erection.

Many men who have a diet high in saturated fats and preservatives may not be providing their penises with the nutrients needed, and like the rest of the body, their penises will be out of shape.
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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System - Missing That Morning Erection Again?

Say you’re a wake-and-bake kind of guy. You wake up, and you smoke some weed to bake the mind into a state of euphoria. Each puff brightens your morning. Each inhalation revitalizes the mind. Each ounce of cannabis makes you feel ready to conquer the day.
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Burned Out: Amphetamines, Impotence, and Exhaustion

Speed. Uppers. Crank. These are all slang for prescription and street stimulants (the latter referring to crystal meth, mainly). Some of you may be taking amphetamines or amphetamine-like drugs for certain conditions, but some use them for illicit purposes. They can have paradoxical effects: some may notice a tremendous increase in sexual desire, thoughts, or actions while they also have a soft (or non-existent) erection. Over time, they potentially result in residual impotence and a burnout effect.
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Vasectomy Impotence - Worsen Throughout Time

We've probably all seen the humorous side of a vasectomy portrayed on one of our favorite television shows at some point. The wife keeps changing her mind on whether she wants to be a mom again and the husband suffers through various surgeries to reverse or receive permanent conception prevention. But, is this surgery really a laughing matter? 
The Painful Truth
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Combat High Cholesterol to Cure a Unsustainable Erection

Many men are aware of the dangers associated with high cholesterol: heart attack, stroke, heart disease, narrowing of the arteries to name a few. Another problem caused by high cholesterol is a weak erection.
Connection Between Cholesterol and Erections
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Coke’s Dangerous Side Effects on Erectile Strength

“Cocaine—It’s a helluva drug!” –Rick James.  James was notorious for substance abuse. He went to parties high. He went to bed high. He even covered his windows with aluminum foil to keep people from spying on him while he was high.

But James remained a loyal partygoer, a fiend looking for another hit of coke and a habitual user who, while high, felt as if he were kind of the world.
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