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Keep Him Going: The Sneaky Way to Improve His Stamina

I’m sure there aren’t many of us out there who are completely satisfied one hundred percent of the time with our sex partner’s longevity in bed. Naturally, we can’t complain to their faces about it, but you can be sure our best friends know exactly how long our current lover can last, and what our thoughts are on it.
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Blood Circulation Through Good Vibrations: Keeping an Erection

Do you find yourself suffering through weak erections? Do you struggle to stay hard, even in the heat of the moment?
Strange as it may seem, I can vividly recall the first time my boyfriend and I used a vibrating ring. It was a pretty amazing experience, and probably one of the best orgasms I've ever had. Originally, we had purchased the ring on a whim. One night, while we were taking an unexpected stroll through the local adult toy store, we picked one out randomly. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Feel The Vibe
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Only Call Me When You're Sober: The Struggle with Weak Erections

Have you recently cleaned up your act, but your sex life is still suffering? A cock ring might be just the tool you need to keep it up.
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Don't Let Your Erection Look Weak In Bed, Try A Ring Instead

Have you noticed a slight decline in your sex life lately? Do you feel it's because of your inability to stay erect throughout sex?
The first time my boyfriend and I used a cock ring, I was very skeptical. For one, when I used to think 'cock ring,' just the plain old image of an unforgiving metal ring would come to mind. My man really seemed like he wanted to try one out, so I went along for the ride. . .To the adult to store to pick one out.
My First Ring
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Drug Ring: Getting Hard When You’re On the Hard Stuff

We belong to a nation of drug users. Although in most places even marijuana still remains illegal, people are able to get their hands on pretty much anything they’re looking for. These days, it’s unusual to find a person of the young set that isn’t using drugs in one form or another. It’s not as though the use of many of the drugs is anything new; cocaine and heroin have been around for centuries, marijuana as well, although it was almost never licit. Psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and mescaline are old news, but always controlled.
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Ring Around The. . .Cock Ring ?

Many of us have probably come across them during some random excursion to the local adult toy store. Don't they always seem to be placed next to some of the most intimidating items? It's like they try to scare you away from the cock rings by hiding them behind all the whips, chains, and creepy gimp masks.
The Great And Powerful Ring
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If You Want To Keep It, You Have To Put A Ring On It: Keeping Your Erections Happy

Are you experiencing some slight erectile dysfunction, but you don't deem it sever enough to take a pill or use a stamina cream?
Tales Of Old And New
I've always dated older men. Not because I have some sad 'Daddy' complex, but because I like their maturity level. I feel like I've always had a much higher level of maturity than my peers, and men my age usually act more like they're just turning sixteen, not twenty-six. Usually I will only date about six to ten years older than my current age, but there was this one time where...I didn't.
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Put a Ring On It: Combating Diabetes-Related Erectile Dysfunction

Most humans have a biological craving for sugar, a craving that our bodies seem horrifyingly unequipped to handle. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips—this trite epigram does tend to exemplify the process of delicious sugary snack to unwanted fat deposit. But, research has come forward showing that our bodies were evolved specifically to take the most possible energy out of simple sugars—such as those found in fruit.
Need to Feed
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That’s not a Diamond Ring, It’s a Cock Ring: The Solution to Erectile Dysfunction Can be Found In a Circle

Oh, what worry men and women have of their bodies – odor, weight, skin, and hair. Most anxieties rise from insecurity. For example, the man who thinks his penis isn’t long or wide enough often worries for no reason.
But men who suffer erectile dysfunction (ED) have cause for concern. ED can destroy an intimate moment and, when it persists, take a toll on romantic relationships. This is a lesson Andy learned the hard way, and only after he took a critical look at his health.
A Story of Diabetes and Impotence
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The Sexual Battlefield – When You Lose Your Hardness

Marcus was a young Lance Corporal in the Marines. He was stationed over in the Middle East on his second combat tour. He was in a highly dangerous environment and just the previous week a friendly platoon got ambushed and several Marines perished in the resulting firefight.
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