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Up Yours! How to Smooth the Way into Every Hole

I’m sure everyone can relate when I tell you how much I love going through other people’s bathrooms. Right? I’m not the only weirdo here, am I? Anyhow, I spent a few days with an old friend of mine a couple weeks ago and while she was showering, I was perusing the medicine cabinet, shelves, and counter drawers. We’re cool like that.
Two’s Company
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Take a Look, It’s in a Book: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex and Were Afraid to Ask

There’s only so much information you can get without having first hand experience. When you’re a kid, you ask your friends, who typically don’t know any more than you do, and fill you in with some ridiculous idea of what they think sex, oral, or French kissing is. Unfortunately, the same usually holds true, even when you’re old enough to find out through other means. We tend to ask our friends for advice, rather than consulting any sort of real authority, and end up with a sometimes hilariously distorted idea of what constitutes good foreplay, or how to perform fellatio.
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Double Down Downtown: How to Improve Sex for Both of You At Once with A Magical Cock Ring

Sometimes sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Age, stress, hormones…all kinds of things can get in the way of our having a good time. And it’s not just women who are left in the dust. Men, too, can feel bored and disappointed—even with a sexy, beautiful woman. That’s because sex is more than just insert Tab A into Slot B. Many sexual adventurers crave more excitement in bed through fantasy or bondage, or even just more titillating sex in general.
Buddy Up
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What’s Up With Butts: Why is Everyone Anal About Anal Lately?

It’s still a taboo subject. There isn’t much information about it; some want to try it, some have already, and some are completely disgusted by the very idea. It seems like everyone knows about it, but no one understands it. Anal sex is becoming more and more openly bruited, but no less notorious. Who’s really behind the behind fixation?
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Gone, But Not Forgotten: What to Do When You’re Missing Your Lubrication Mojo

When you’re in the first bloom of sexual romance, the biggest problem most of us have to deal with is generally our partner’s inexperience, which can definitely lead to pain and dryness, but from a lack of arousal, rather than any sort of physical problem. And then, when you think you’ve got life and love all figured out, the other shoe drops. All of a sudden, sex is all dried up.
Sandpaper Pussy
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Boned: When You’re Bored in Bed and Don’t Know Where to Go, Explore Your Fantasies

As you may already know, if you’ve read any of my other articles, I’m fairly interested in the sexual process. That means all of its aspects, not just bread-and-butter sex. Which is great; I’ve always got something to talk about with strangers on trains. “Did you know…?” “Well, have you tried this…?” and so on. The only time problems arise is when I start moving towards actual intercourse.
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In Bread and Beer Only: How to Get Yeast Out of Where It Doesn’t Belong

Yeast is an interesting microorganism. Those of us who aren’t brewers or bakers tend not to have a lot to do with it. The only time we run into it is when it pops up exactly where we don’t want it: our vaginas. Feeling itchy? Irritated? Weird smell, but not fishy? You’ve probably got a yeast infection.
How Did I Even Get This?
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The New Quickie: The 5-Minute Rinse You Need To Try To Prevent Disease Before Sex

Look at the next young woman you see. Size her up—does she seem like the type of girl who’d enjoy a bit of anal sex? If not, your next step is to take a look at yourself, because one of you two is having or has had anal sex. The percentage of women who report having anal sex has been rising significantly since the early 90’s, and as of 2010, approximately fifty percent of all women between the ages of 18-24 have tried or are currently experimenting with anal sex.
Why Now?
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Feed the Body through the Eyes: Watching Sexually Explicit Movies Provides Instruction, Inspires Creativity and Keeps Sex at the Forefront

Like all the women in her family, Alexa was a self-proclaimed introvert. She bore this trait with considerable grace even into adulthood. Then, when she became involved with Josh, she knew it was time for some personal growth.
“I met Josh right after college,” she explains. “He was serious, like me, and a little intense. These traits carried over to the bedroom – he was really passionate about sex.”
An Expose of Love
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C’mon, Baby, Light My Fire: Candles in the Bedroom are for More than Lighting the Way, Hot Wax Also Goes on the Body

“My name is Amber, and I’m into BDSM.”
This might sound like the opening line for one in a recovery group, but Amber is perfectly happy with her life and not in search of treatment. If anything, she wants to shed light on BDSM and help others feel more comfortable with its practices.
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