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Penile Misfires – Shooting Too Fast

John and Nancy had been steady sex partners for quite some time. They got along well; she didn’t nag him about their sexual relationship being anything other than what it was, and he would give her screaming orgasms frequently.
One day Nancy wanted to hook up but John was unavailable. He stayed unavailable for several weeks, which was unusual. She went into stalker mode and lay in wait outside of his apartment. When he came out, she rushed up to him.
That Conversation
“Hi…where have you been I’ve been calling you,” she said.
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Operation Restoration: Recovering What You’ve Lost Through Diabetes

When you’re not born with diabetes, it can oftentimes take a while to be diagnosed, at the risk of your other bodily organs. Because Type II diabetes isn’t often tested for without probable cause of heredity or the emergence of telltale symptoms, vital tissues, organs, and blood vessels can be damaged over a long period of time without knowledge. This results in a lowered quality of health overall, but nowhere is it more noticeable than in one’s sex life.
Don’t Gimme Some Sugar
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Jelq It Out: Sounds Weird, Increases Penis Size, We’re All Good

Hey guys, maybe you’ve heard? Size matters. There are all kinds of information trying to tell you differently, but at the end of the day, yes, there is a minimum. I’m not going to say my minimum is the same as another girl’s, but we do have them, and it’s probably more than four or five inches.
Ok, It’s Not Only About Size
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Shrinking Sexual Prospects – Re-grow Your Smaller Member

Ted had taken a couple of years off from dating after a messy marriage. He’d used that time to focus on developing his business which was doing well. A man of 51 years he sure didn’t look it; he’d been an athlete as a younger man and was athletically built, plus he worked out.
Since his business was flourishing, he figured it was time to re-engage the dating world. He had been masturbating to meet his sexual needs but desired the real thing. He went on a few shopping trips and upgraded his gear to “whore bait” type clothes as he and his friends called them.
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Penis Shrinkage: When Just Being Cold Is No Longer An Excuse

I will never forget the day my boyfriend turned to me on a Sunday morning and said, “I think my penis is shrinking.” I barely had had enough coffee to deal with that sentence, but there it was. At first, I didn't know what to think. I certainly hadn't noticed any difference. And he was still throwing down in the bedroom just as well as when we first got together. I was mind boggled to say the least. I really had no idea that something like this had been swimming around his mind for so long.
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Stroke It Out: Restoring Your Penis Size Manhood With the Perfect Grip

So you’ve hit the age when all the good things of life start to disappear: your abs, your love life, your manhood…wait, your manhood?! It’s an unfortunate side effect of middle-age that men start to notice a decrease in the length of their penis, sometimes starting as early as thirty-five. It’s due to a decrease in your naturally high levels of testosterone. This drop in dosage is incidentally also causing the other problems with lack of muscle tone, fat gain, and libido.
Martin’s Misery
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Drug Ring: Getting Hard When You’re On the Hard Stuff

We belong to a nation of drug users. Although in most places even marijuana still remains illegal, people are able to get their hands on pretty much anything they’re looking for. These days, it’s unusual to find a person of the young set that isn’t using drugs in one form or another. It’s not as though the use of many of the drugs is anything new; cocaine and heroin have been around for centuries, marijuana as well, although it was almost never licit. Psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and mescaline are old news, but always controlled.
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The Other Detriments of Nicotine: A Shrinking Penis

Even as a non-smoker, I can still understand how hard it is to quit smoking. It becomes more and more apparent how nicotine dependent some people can become, especially during the winter seasons.
The Chain Gang
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Puff, Puff, Pass Up Your Erections: What Smoking is Doing to Your Sex Life

When we’re enjoying a delicious, juicy, cheese-encrusted burger, who among us likes to be reminded of all the calories and growth hormones we’re ingesting? And when we’re out having a good time on the town, who welcomes the prediction of a sore head the next day? I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one. The same applies to smoking. It’s impossible that there is a person alive today who doesn’t know the health dangers of tobacco. And yet, we continue to indulge, and surely don’t thank the person who reminds us of its menace.
What’s This All About?
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Penis Shrinkage--How Age Is Affecting Your Size

Penis size is an issue of matter over mind. If it matters, you mind. Any man who says it doesn’t matter is either happy with his size or has accepted he has a small penis. And for aging men, the size of the penis can decrease millimeter by millimeter.

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