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Gone, But Not Forgotten: What to Do When You’re Missing Your Lubrication Mojo

When you’re in the first bloom of sexual romance, the biggest problem most of us have to deal with is generally our partner’s inexperience, which can definitely lead to pain and dryness, but from a lack of arousal, rather than any sort of physical problem. And then, when you think you’ve got life and love all figured out, the other shoe drops. All of a sudden, sex is all dried up.
Sandpaper Pussy
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Slipping and Sliding: The Right Lube Makes All the Difference for Pleasurable Sexual Experiences

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but another item of equal value is the personal lubricant. Lubes can’t be flaunted on a finger or flourished at a party, but they can turn any sexual encounter into a body-quaking experience. The problem is that selecting the right variety can be a daunting endeavor.
A Girl in Favor of Water-Based Lube
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Too Hot to Trot: Why A Little Hot Water Goes A Long Way

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing beats the sheer pleasure of soaking in a hot bath. Morning, noon, night, midnight, I’m addicted to the oh-so-satisfying feeling of being ensconced in a simmering tub with or without a good book. When I’m on vacation, the first thing I look for, after a free breakfast, is whether the hotel has a hot tub. No hot tub? Not staying.
Why Hot Water on My Lady Parts Is Not a Good Idea
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Good Clean Fun: Too Much Soap Can Take the Wet Out of the Wet and Wild

Everyone wants to look and feel clean, and it seems like everyone I know takes at least one shower per day. Besides the egregious use of water, women who clean too often may discover some hidden issues to their cleanliness.
When I get home after a sweaty workout or after sitting all day in a fitted pair of pants, the first thing I want do is strip down and shower. But a difference exists between a splash in the shower and a soapy scrub down.
Dangers of Soap
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Feminine Problems Caused by Household Products: Blame Your Vaginal Dryness on the Suds Washing Your Duds

The vagina is a delicate organ. We tend to think of it only as strong and sturdy, which it is. But the environment required for the vagina to thrive is fragile – a specific pH level that balances good and bad bacteria must be maintained at all times. Any agent that disrupts this level increases a woman’s chances for developing infection, skin abrasions and dryness.
The Dreaded “D” Word – Dryness
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High and Dry: Masturbation Seems Harmless but Can Scuff the Genitals and Lead to Vaginal Dryness

It feels good and yields benefits for the mind and body. We’re talking about masturbation, a subject that’s always been a little taboo. But it’s time to strip down the barriers and speak openly about self-pleasure, because although this activity can be healthy, it can be problematic as well.

Let the Herballove Community Help You
If you share, we will care. By sharing your details and concerns, our experienced members provide answers, advice and solutions to your (issue) problems.
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The Season of Drought: Vaginal Dryness Thwarts Sex and Indicates a Hormonal Imbalance

Here’s a revelation: dry sex should not happen. Period. If you don’t believe us, consider the natural lubricating abilities of both men and women. This proves the human body was designed to get wet during times of arousal. Trust us when we say this is not accidental: that lubrication protects delicate skin tissues and also makes intercourse much more enjoyable.

Let Herballove Community Help You
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Spice Things Up By Slicking Them Down: An Introduction to Personal Lubricants

Your stomach growls to remind you to eat something. You get lightheaded until you drink enough water. And when a woman is turned on, her vagina gets wet. However, there's no universal measure for the “right” amount; some women's bodies are naturally generous, others are stingy. It's also possible that the signals to open the valve are getting scrambled, letting out too much or not enough. Try to see it as “getting” to figure out the amount of lubricant that works best for you, as part of taking control of your own sex life.
Grinding To A Halt
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Masturbation Mishaps, Mix-ups, And Dry-outs

So we all love to masturbate…right? Of course we do! No one else will ever love your body the way you can. It's a great way to explore your own sexuality, and to see what exactly brings you pleasure. I am a firm believer of 'self love,' because we are then able to take that knowledge and utilize it in the bedroom with our partners.
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Soap Suds And Bone Dry

Wouldn't it be great if when we were born, our parents were handed a list of things we were allergic to? Think about it, that kind of knowledge could be invaluable! Unfortunately, there are no allergy psychics that have popped up in my life, and I'm betting a lot of other people haven't found them either.
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