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Double Down Downtown: How to Improve Sex for Both of You At Once with A Magical Cock Ring

Sometimes sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Age, stress, hormones…all kinds of things can get in the way of our having a good time. And it’s not just women who are left in the dust. Men, too, can feel bored and disappointed—even with a sexy, beautiful woman. That’s because sex is more than just insert Tab A into Slot B. Many sexual adventurers crave more excitement in bed through fantasy or bondage, or even just more titillating sex in general.
Buddy Up
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When Life gets in the Way: A Passionate Marriage is Hard to Hold Unless Both Partners Pay Their Dues

The first few years of their marriage, Tawny and Ryan each blazed with passion. The looks they shared sent shivers down her spine, their kisses put butterflies in her stomach. “We were always desperate for the other’s touch,” she says. “Sometimes we couldn’t even get into the bedroom before we started tearing our clothes off.”
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The Most Important Meal of the Day: A Common Breakfast Food that Feeds Your Sexual Pleasure

How many people eat oatmeal for breakfast? I’m sure we can all conjure an image of our mothers adjuring us to finish our bowls because it “sticks to your ribs!” Oatmeal is cheap, quick to make, and can be modified in a hundred thousand delicious ways. I, personally, prefer oatmeal with sweetened yogurt dumped on top, or an oatmeal island in milk with a jam topper.
A Big Bowl of Sex
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The Pill’s Real Story: It Prevents Pregnancy and Stops PMS Symptoms, but Unwanted Side Effects include Vaginal Infection and Orgasm Dysfunction

The pill is the most commonly-used form of contraception among women. Its popularity is owed to a 91 percent effective rate at preventing pregnancy and the ability to manage PMS symptoms. But here’s the bigger picture: the pill causes dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart attack and blood clots. Many women also experience sexual dysfunction. For Carmen, who began taking the pills in college, birth control proved more damaging than PMS.

Let Herballove Community Help You
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Chemical Overload: Alcohol Consumption and Birth Control Pills Often Contribute to Orgasm Dysfunction in Women

Kayla is admittedly the life of any party – or rather she was. Always fashionably late, always surrounded by friends, always talking and giggly, she made plans for Thursday through Sunday each week for more than two years. Those plans repeatedly focused on one activity: drinking cosmopolitans.
“I was an all-out party girl,” Kayla confesses. “I had the tight dresses and miniskirts, spiked heels, you name it. I worked for one reason: to have money to go out. Nothing gave me greater pleasure than being with my girls and sipping cocktails.”
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Muira Puama: It's Nature's Orgasmic Replenishment

As women, we all know the countless difficulties and hurdles we face because of our ever-changing bodies. If we're not coming into womanhood we're going through the change. If it isn't cramping that's getting you down, you can bet your bottom dollar the hot flashes are not far away. It's discouraging, but our one saving grace is the special type of orgasmic bliss that only we can experience.
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Age Has Nothing to Do with It: Orgasm Dysfunction Affects Women from 20 to 90 Years Young Thanks to Hormone Imbalances

A night of sex that leaves you blushed and breathless is as healthy as it is satisfying. But for some women, such a session only brings frustration because they cannot orgasm. Equally galling is the fact that orgasm dysfunction can be caused by many factors, so finding the exact culprit is often challenging.
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Deeper, Longer, Better: You’re Just a Breath Away from More Passionate Sex

Even the most loving couples can experience bedroom boredom. The same positions, the same noises, even the same outcomes. But a simple and effective way to rev up excitement is to breathe. We’re not talking about the subconscious inhaling and exhaling you do every day – we mean Tantric techniques that alert you to your partner’s feelings and help build tension for a more fulfilling release.
Forget the Gasps and Take a Deep Breath
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Spotting Her Erogenous Zones

Men think they know the right areas to kiss, lick and suck to pleasure a woman. Sure, the kissing of the clitoris can excite a woman, while the sucking of her breasts can appeal to her too. But aside from the breasts or the clitoris, men should kiss and suck these erogenous areas to excite a woman.
Where to Kiss
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Faking Orgasm - Is She Faking It?

Some ladies will protect a man’s ego by faking an orgasm or two, and some men will believe the lie. Men, you need to spot a faker—not for her sake, but for your own. Men who can spot a woman faking an orgasm can correct their sexual inability, miscommunication, and provide a more meaningful experience.
Signs She’s a Fake
  • Cries for pleasure—without a flush body. A woman can easily fake a cry for pleasure, but she cannot wangle a flushed body. As a woman nears her peak, her body gets flush with heat.
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