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Bigger Breast, Better Self-Esteem

I’ve had self-esteem issues all my life, and those problems did affect my decision to have breast augmentation surgery. And according to studies, it may be the main reason why my self-esteem went up.
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Breast Lifts Outnumber Breast Implants in Women

According to new statistics, 14 years have made a huge difference in women and plastic surgery. Since 2000, breast lifts have taken over breast implants by at least 70%.
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Woman Who Faked Cancer for Breast Implants

OMG...She pretended to have cancer and helped organize fundraisers to pay for her breast augmentation...
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Breast Implants Linked to Suicides

Tracked for at least a decade, a study found that of these 3,527 women, 24 committed suicide, representing a suicide rate three times higher than among the general population...
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Women sue their plastic surgeon after finding their naked photos online

These women were left feeling violated and humiliated after seeing their naked photos on the internet with their names.
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