Breast Enlargement - articles

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery (breast augmentation) is the only method of making breasts larger instantly. It is obviously essential that the surgeon is reputable. Talk to your GP about it. It is very unlikely that you can have the operation on the NHS - this is normally possible only if the breast is being reconstructed after breast cancer surgery, Read more

Breast Anatomy & Physiology - Lactation

Prolactin causes the production of milk, and oxytocin release (via the suckling reflex) causes the contraction. Read more

Breast Anatomy & Physiology - Puberty

When the woman begins to menstruate, the breasts undergo a periodic premenstrual phase that varies with the individual but can include an increase in size, swelling and tenderness Read more

Breast Enlargement - Anatomy and Physiology

The breast is made of lobes of glandular tissue with associated ducts for transfer of the milk to the exterior and supportive fibrous and fatty tissue. Read more


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