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Stretched to the Limit: Most Women Would Rather Not Discuss Vaginal Looseness Caused by Childbirth

Amanda had her first baby at 21. She was not yet married, but that didn’t matter to her or the baby’s father. All they wanted was a healthy, happy child – and a settled family life.
After a smooth pregnancy with the usual oddball cravings, like mashed potatoes and tomato basil soup, Amanda felt calm about her pending delivery. That is, until the labor pains started. In the hospital, she felt her body turn itself inside out as her daughter came into the world. Yet, looking into her newborn’s eyes, Amanda knew the pain was worth the love she felt.
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Opening Closed Blossoms: What One Flower Can Do For Your Sexual Experience

Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can have terrific consequences? For example, birth control. One tiny pill, shot, or ring and your procreation problems are put on hold. You barely have to think about it, whilst inside your body enormous upheavals are taking place. Hormonal systems are being undermined, uprooted, and overwritten. Usually, the worst we get out of it is nausea or spotting.
Where Is This Coming From?
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Her Big Frustration - When Your Size Can't Match Up With Her Loose Vagina

Most people are aware that during stimulation, the penis will almost double its size. What people are unaware of is that the vagina too experiences growth during stimulation. According to Masters and Johnson, the average un-stimulated vagina will grow from 2 inches to about 3 inches. While growth is common during stimulation, some ladies feel their vaginas remains “too large” or “too wide” for a man.
Ladies, stop blaming yourselves.
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Work It Out And Tighten Up: How Kegel balls can affect your love life in the best possible way

No woman wants to hear she's too “loose,” especially after sex. Unfortunately, certain “woman's situations” can damage the vaginal walls, including vibrators, birth control, medications, PMS and childbirth. Out of that long laundry list of causes, we only control some of these problems, such as vibrators and birth control.
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Look at the Cojones In Her! : How Small Balls Will Change Your Idea of Tight and Loose

I’ve noticed a problem recently, and I’m sure it’s not one our mothers or our grandmother’s ever had to deal with. It’s the notion of vaginal tightness. While women have worried about many and many a thing, for as far back as anyone cares to look, it seems (to me) that it’s only lately that women have been worrying about whether their vaginas are tight, or otherwise.
Old-Fashioned Ideas
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The Workout Designed for a Tight Vagina: Use Kegel Balls, Enjoy Sex

Oh, the myths about vaginas. Sex makes them loose, birth turns them to floppy bags and virgins are tighter make the most common rumors. We’re here to give you the truth: located in the abdomen are muscles known as the pelvic floor. Without proper use, or with overstretching, these muscles become weak. In turn, women feel this weakness in problems like urinary incontinence and loose vaginal walls.
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A Gripping Question: How Can I Feel Tighter During Sex?

As the old adage tells us, “without friction, there's no heat, and without heat, there can't be fire.” It's true for starting literal fires, and it's true for starting the metaphorical “fire down below” during sex. A number of different factors can reduce the friction between your vaginal walls and your man's penis.

Are You in Yet?
For purposes of this discussion, we'll skip over the question of whether or not you were a little too generous with the personal lubricant and focus on the problem of a loose vagina.
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Vaginal Farts Presenting a Distraction

The occasional vaginal fart (Vaginal Flatulence), also known as a “queef,”  will occur during intercourse. When the penis or vibrator enters the vagina, air will sometimes become trapped inside. Upon the exiting of the penis or vibrator, a fart will occur. The reason for the farting noise occurs because of the weak vaginal muscles that can no longer produce enough suction to prevent air from escaping.

Loose Vaginal Muscles 
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Birth Control - The Culprit Behind Vaginal Pain

When birth control first made its way to the market, men and woman revered it for reducing pregnancy. Men could experience the warmth of a woman without a rubbery device inhibiting his ecstasy, while women no longer needed to worry about the high risks of pregnancy. While birth control is still revered, some women suffer from an exasperating effect: vaginal pain.

Behind The Side Effects 
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