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Opening Closed Blossoms: What One Flower Can Do For Your Sexual Experience

Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can have terrific consequences? For example, birth control. One tiny pill, shot, or ring and your procreation problems are put on hold. You barely have to think about it, whilst inside your body enormous upheavals are taking place. Hormonal systems are being undermined, uprooted, and overwritten. Usually, the worst we get out of it is nausea or spotting.
Where Is This Coming From?
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The Pill’s Real Story: It Prevents Pregnancy and Stops PMS Symptoms, but Unwanted Side Effects include Vaginal Infection and Orgasm Dysfunction

The pill is the most commonly-used form of contraception among women. Its popularity is owed to a 91 percent effective rate at preventing pregnancy and the ability to manage PMS symptoms. But here’s the bigger picture: the pill causes dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart attack and blood clots. Many women also experience sexual dysfunction. For Carmen, who began taking the pills in college, birth control proved more damaging than PMS.

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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: As a Woman’s Body Ages, Her Vagina Can Lose Sensitivity and Even Become Numb

Young women don’t want to know how their vaginas change with time, and mature women don’t want to give details. Here’s the truth: each vagina ages differently. Many lose elasticity, not because of previous sexual interludes, but because vaginal muscles become thin and weak. Some becomes displaced after hysterectomies, and still others lose sensation. Ultimately, the greatest impact is on sex.

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The Truth about Over-Indulgence: Excessive Intercourse and Masturbation Pose Real Problems to Women – and Men

Whether you’re on a honeymoon trip or have just started a new romantic relationship, sex – and lots of it – is likely to be on the agenda. As with everything in life, too much intercourse can occur. It strains the body and can damage the genitals of both males and females.

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Debunking a Popular Myth: Vaginal Insensitivity Means a Woman Suffers Hormonal Imbalances, not Frigid Sexual Responses

Up until six months ago, 31-year-old Casey had never climaxed. We don’t mean she was a virgin, but rather she could not be sexually stimulated. She tried almost everything within her power to reach that oh-so-pleasurable release – masturbation, missionary and doggy-style positions and even oral sex – but nothing worked.
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Surprising Facts About Sex Toys

Okay, so sex toys are a sensitive and even uncomfortable subject for many couples. Women have long been aware of their ability to heighten the mood and to enhance the stimulation, but many men are still leery about them. After all, the male ego is pretty fragile, especially when it comes to our sexual prowess and virility, and no guy wants to come to grips with the notion that he could easily be replaced by a machine.

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Name That Symptom – Diagnosing Common Vaginal Issues

The vagina is a complex organism. What other body part has an entire aisle dedicated to it at the local pharmacy? A storing house for all manner of blood, mucus, urine, yeast and some fluids that haven't even been identified by science, the vagina causes women profound stress and frustration. When something goes wrong, i.e. an unidentified infection or odor, the vagina can terrify a woman. So it's important to understand what various symptoms can actually signify. 
What's Wrong With My Vagina? 
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Vibrators Can Harm, Not Just Pleasure

A vibrator can generate a stimulating source of pleasure. With the click of a button, the vibrator will wiggle and shake until a woman orgasms. Sure, masturbation is healthy, and most people agree, it’s a great source of satisfying sexual urges. While vibrators can serve as a great substitute for a partner, these tiny, often-electric sources of pleasure can have insidious side effects. Vibrators are often mishandled and abused, leading to vaginal, cervical, and clitoris scarring and swelling.
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The Burden of Clitoral Pain - Exploring a common cause (& possible cure) of the rare condition

This article is designed to help women suffering from the somewhat rare condition of clitoral pain to pinpoint the cause and learn of the viable solutions. In sexual situations, the pleasure they receive is diminished due to clitoral damage or abrasions. Read more

When the Clit… Can’t - Dealing with an insensitive clitoris

Some women have it all. Or so it seems. Being attractive, rich, or successful is not an accurate gauge as to how good their sex life is. Nor is how poor or ‘down and dirty’ a woman appears to be. Every woman is an enigma, each a complex mystery unto her own. Read more


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