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A Possible HIV Cure

Vaginal discomfort remains a common issue for me. I cannot enjoy sex, but I often fear I might contract an STD, and as a voyeuristic male, I am fearful I might contract HIV.
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Dangers of Vaginal Oils

I’ve been using vaginal oils for years, mostly because I dislike silicone or water-based lubes. And until recently, I never knew oils, especially coconut oil, reduce yeast infections.
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Tips that Can Help Women Get Rid of Vaginal Odor, Itch, and Other Issues

According to statistics, most women at one point or another will have to contend with a feminine odor, which is often described as a fishy vaginal smell. According to the newly released tip sheets, vaginal odor can be caused by both medical and non-medical reasons.
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I Got Yeast Infection from my Bathing Suit!

I’ve developed a yeast infection after a weekend of swimming and lounging around in my bathing suit. Is this just coincidence or can you get a yeast infection from too much time in wet clothes.

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Vaginal Rings To Help Against Anti HIV

A new type of vaginal ring could also help women prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Regardless of the time of insertion, the MIV-150 rings significantly blocked HIV transmission in the macaques.
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