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Both Sexes Guilty of Faking Satisfaction in the Bedroom

A research study in the University of Waterloo proved that not only women fake their satisfaction in the bedroom, but men do so equally. A lack of sexual communication was an important part of why people are possible faking it.
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Golden Years and Sex

My wife and I are entering our golden years, and while we plan on spending a lot of time abroad, we do worry about the ebb of our sex life.
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Cholesterol Lowering and Sex Life Boosting Drug

This is great news for older men. There's no need to just take a blue pill to have sex, now they can fight high cholesterol and boost their sex life at the same time. How great is this? Fighting for your health and then also have fun with plenty of sex.
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Top 10 Countries Having The Least Sex

When it comes to the different countries around the world, frequency of sex is also different too. Sexual satisfaction rate between each country is also different too.
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Sex and Ginseng

Ginseng can be found all throughout the shelves of a supermarket. It can be found in every shape and form from ginseng drinks to ginseng root to add to foods for preperation.
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Ashwagandha is known as Indian Ginseng

Met an Indian dude few months ago. He told me that Chinese got Panax Ginseng and we Indian have Ashwagandha. That's why both countries produced lots babies and overcrowd the world. Well, that's not really fun..
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New anesthesia technique for boys suffering from frequent bleeding due to circumcision

After circumcision, the postoperative pains are unendurable to children for years. The incidence of bleeding from bad circumcision frequently results in crying, restlessness and agitation to our poor children.

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A Simple Sex Test That Could Save Your Life

"Sex can be thought of as a barometer of the body. Typical sex drive desire and performance fluctuates for a varying number of reasons that can range from temporary conditions such as lack of energy from work or stress to permanent conditions that are indicators of progressive disease.
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Injured Sprinter Drops After Using Penis Enlargement Drugs

A bid to enlarge his manhood saw him banned from the track. He failed three successive drug tests between October 2009 and January 2010 for a banned substance found in a penis-enhancement product.
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Confessions: I Have Lost My Sex Drive

"Today's sex confession comes from Jess*, a late-30s married mom of one child. She has no interest in sex. At all. Ever. She says it has nothing to do with her husband -- it's all her.

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