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Reach for that All-Natural Turbo Fuel Shilajit When You Want to Turn That Fizzle into Some Sizzle

I remember back in the day when I knew a guy named Toby who used to grill all of the time. Now when I say “all of the time,” I’m not talking like once a week – I’m talking 4 to 5 times per week. Once he even grilled every day for several weeks (he was in some sort of bar-b-que frenzy).
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Sarsaparilla Jamaican Turns Middle Age into a Second Chance: One Married Couple Goes from Sexually Depraved to Sensually Ignited

A typical night with Gray and Justine once looked like this: she read a book, he played on his computer. After they went to bed, he flipped on the television and she flipped onto her side. She drifted to sleep, he watched late-night TV, and they repeated the same scene the next day.
He was 46 years old, she was 44.
When Life Gets in the Way
“We were middle-aged adults acting like we were in our 80s,” Justine says. “Actually, people in their 80s probably have more fun than we did.”
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Dual Vibration Cock Rings: The Only Way To Double Your Pleasure

Are you interested in increasing your sexual pleasure? I know what you're thinking, who isn't, right? Well look no further!
At this point, the vibrating ring is probably one of the most common sex toys out there. No longer do we have to travel to the local adult store, or wait a certain amount of days after ordering one online. These days you can actually find a vibrating ring at the corner drug store. They are extremely assessable, as well as sexually helpful.
Double Your Fun
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Keep Him Going: The Sneaky Way to Improve His Stamina

I’m sure there aren’t many of us out there who are completely satisfied one hundred percent of the time with our sex partner’s longevity in bed. Naturally, we can’t complain to their faces about it, but you can be sure our best friends know exactly how long our current lover can last, and what our thoughts are on it.
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The Army Within – Re-Powering Your Desire for Sex

I’m sure a lot of you guys out there play video games. I myself am an avid video game player and enjoy trying out different genres of games. One game that I’ve been playing recently is a futuristic Real Time Strategy (RTS) game in which each player assumes the role of a commander who oversees an empire. After building up your region with production facilities and fortifying positions, you begin cranking out your armies.
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Boosting Low Testosterone Levels Through Zinc

Having low testosterone can affect your body. Decreased levels, no matter the cause, can reduce your sex drive, cause mood swings, and make it difficult to develop an erection. 
Some cases of low testosterone are linked to disease, genetic disorders, injury or the process of aging. Check out Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive to find out how testosterone production can be altered by your diet.
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Eye Contact: The Most Intimate Experiences for Furthering Your Relationship

Maintaining eye contact during intercourse can be daunting for some, especially those who prefer to turn off the lights, but the intimacy it creates transforms sex from ordinary to extraordinary. Eye contact conveys affection and sincerity without speaking a word. Some researchers even suggests that the left eye reveals emotion; the right eye, business acumen. Couples can have sex a 100 times without ever meeting each other’s eyes, and those who make the connection will have a greater appreciation for each other in--and out--of the bedroom.
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Rock Your Body Confidence: Suggestions and Positions

Body confidence. You want it. More of it. Especially when you are naked in front of your lover. Then, maybe you could do those crazy positions you’ve read about. But what really produces confidence?
How to Not Get Mental About Your Physical Body
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It's Date Night: Positions for New Couples

One of the best parts of being in a new relationship is getting to know each other intimately. I remember the first time my boyfriend and I had sex. We drove out to the edge of town and enjoyed a picnic under the stars. I was so impressed with how much planning he had done, and how romantic the date was that I knew that would be the night.

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Celebrate The Holidays: One Position at a Time

It's that time of year again! The holidays are here, and I am one stressed out lady. Between various family functions, shopping for presents, and the endless baking of cookies and cakes, my calendar is full. Luckily, my man has my best interest at heart. He realized I was in great need of some relaxation. One thing led to another and we actually ended up building a make-shift fort underneath our beautiful Christmas tree.
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