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Poppy Cock! When You Just Can’t Stop Your Premature Ejaculation Because of Prostate Growth

There you are…sitting on your couch waiting for your date to call and tell you that she’s about to park. You’ve got some good smooth music on and your bachelor pad is nice and neat. Heck, it hasn’t been this clean since your mother last visited. And before you leave, you head to the bathroom, a trend that seems to have risen over the last few months. You stand over the toilet, straining, pushing, grunting.
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What To Do When Your Prostate Causes Premature Ejaculation Issues

John rose from his desk and went to the employee men’s room for the eighth time just in the same morning. He felt as though his co-workers were now eye-balling him suspiciously for having to take so many trips to the bathroom. He walked into the restroom and then up to a urinal as he unzipped his fly, thinking about the hot, young, new temp who worked in one of the adjoining offices.
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Approaches to Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction Damaged by Prostate Growth

Joe and Rich had been best friends for years, ever since college. Now in the mid-40s they remained as tight as ever and had helped each other avoid some potentially disastrous relationships with compromised women. They confided in each other with full disclosure; there was no BS between them and recently both realized that they were suffering from another potentially disastrous situation: impotence.
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Fighting for Your Hardness – Recovery from a Swollen Prostate

Will’s job as a high-profile financial advisor had become all but a distant memory. In the wake of the global recession of 2008 he and many other top tier employees of a blue chip company had received their walking papers abruptly and had been given hardly any severance pay. He struggled to find a similar job as soon as possible but at 59 years of age, his prospects in an increasingly ageist modern society were slim indeed.
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A Bruised Ego & a Swollen Prostate – Whacking Your Wiener Too Much

Lee was a young Asian man who was extremely gifted in the field of mathematics, but not in the romance department. As a matter of fact he was still a virgin…at least with regards to women, not his right hand. Of average height and slightly built, he was a very studious and shy person. His schedule revolved around going to classes and volunteering to help tutor other students in math.
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Scoring a Touchdown for Your Sex Drive – Zinc Style!

Sam was a pretty popular guy on the college campus; he was tall, athletic, and was a star player on the school football team. He definitely had his pick of many of the prime chicks on campus, that’s for sure. Recently however, Sam had been injured during a football practice session in which he tore a knee ligament. He was sure that he’d recover from it soon since he was still young and healthy, but in the meantime he’d have to wait things out and not strain himself.
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Managing Urgency Incontinence & Overactive Bladder Caused By Enlarged Prostate

There is nothing worse than having an overactive bladder. The sensation of not being able to control your urine flow takes you right back to infancy. Imagine being uncertain whether if you’re going to go, right in the middle of a movie, a meeting, or stuck in traffic. Sometimes even laughing or sneezing becomes something to avoid. But why does the bladder become so difficult to control in the first place?
The Causes
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Is Your Prostate Problems Affecting Your Penis Enhancement Efforts?

Rory was 54-years-old, and at his age, he grew accustom to making constant trips to the bathroom. But his age had nothing to do with the increased bathroom trips. His BPH influenced this new issue. When Rory attempted to enlarge his penis, he found little success. At his age, divorced, father of two, and happy with a new girlfriend, sex remained a large part of his life.

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Controlling the Urge – Male Overactive Bladder Caused by an Enlarged Prostate

It can be the most embarrassing situation of your adult life: constantly having to go, or worse, when you can’t control it and urine leaks while you’re in public. Urinary incontinence can range from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having sudden, unpredictable episodes of strong urinary urgency. The anxiety and embarrassment caused by incontinence can lead to other debilitating secondary symptoms, such as: 
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AS BIG AS YOU CAN BE - Can a Larger Penis REALLY be Achieved?

Whether or not size really does matter, the bottom line is that most men believe that it does. Regardless of what individual women prefer or find adequate, men take the issue of size to heart. It’s a matter of pride. Sometimes, it’s a matter of humiliation. Read more


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