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Is Excessive Precum a Good Thing?

Some males produce results, others don't. Some men can last hours; others, minutes. For a woman, it’s not the size of the wand that counts, but the magic in it. Men who leak their magic fluid tend to suffer from heightened stimulation and arousal. The combination of leakage with arousal generates an unfortunate outcome—premature ejaculation.   
The Leak
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Wet Dreams: Why Me?

The first time you have a wet dream is a turning point in your life. Covered in a sticky, white substance, in the midst of puberty, many boys find themselves confused, frustrated and upset. Why did it happen? Have you done something wrong? Are you dying? The best way to combat anything is through knowledge.
The Background of Your Wet Dreams
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Going Soft – A Tale of Weak Erections and Penile Leakage

Men, let's face it—we value our manhood, and a weak erection, especially during a hot sexual encounter, doesn't serve as a sign of vitality. Try explaining to your partner that you need to take a timeout to revive your shrinking colossus.  
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The Climax Control Herb

Astragalus Complanatus may remain a clandestine unknown, but the herb can provide relief from problems associated with the kidney and liver. Astragalus Complanatus often serves as the key ingredient for several natural premature ejaculation remedies, including the SOS Remedy For Fast Release Ejaculation with High Blood Pressure. Astragalus Complanatus strengthens the ejaculation valve impeding men from ejaculating too quickly. Read more

Drip, Drip, Drip—A Leaky Penis Caused By Excessive Masturbation

Picture pouring water into a balloon with a hole. The balloon will fill up, but eventually, it will become deflated. As with the balloon and the water, when excessive pre-cum leaks, the penis will become deflated. For men, the loss of an erection during intercourse can be the source of much embarrassment. Men need to stay erect in order to continue to perform. Without an erection, all pleasure and sensation becomes lost.
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Herbal Beef Stew For Improving Male Fertility & Stop Semen Leakage

An ancient, Chinese fertility formula designed to stop ‘pre-cum’ and limit nocturnal emissions. Read more

The Humiliation of Dribbling

Penile Leakage caused by Sexual Exhaustion is unsanitary, unsightly, and downright embarrassing. Why does it happen, and can it be stopped…? Read more

Black Bean and Cornus Salad - Cuisine Recipes for Leaky Penis

Whether it’s the perfect compliment to your favorite dish or just a simple meal in itself, this salad is the ideal kaleidoscope of color and taste. It’s an easy, festive, and nutritious fusion of ingredients and flavors that can be served at any potluck or summer barbecue as a cool salad with a Southwestern flair, or a fabulous salsa for tortilla chips, quesadillas, and cornbread. Read more

“I Always Need to Pee!” Relieving the Curse of an Overactive Bladder

You’ve had it. Your enjoyment at the ballgame, Movie Theater or during any activity is constantly disrupted by your need to pee. Your boss is mad because of all the trips to the bathroom you take. Read more
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