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How Your Heart Affects Semen Quality

Beating 100,000 times a day, the heart helps pump blood to every organ, tissue and muscle inside your body. It serves as one of the most important organs inside the body, and without it, the body cannot survive. While it may be no bigger than your first, this organ pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood everyday, and it too affects your semen quality. Yes, your heart can affect semen quality.
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Environmental Toxins Linked to Low Sperm Count

Reports of male infertility have been on the uptick for the last several decades. Doctors know infertility in men is caused by low sperm count. But men may be struggling to achieve healthy sperm for several reasons.
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A Kick in The Nuts: A Cause for Infertility

Men play strange, cruel jokes on one another. From “nut checking,” a smack across the testicles, to a “love tap,” a gentle tap to the testicles, these strange, insidious tricks can lead to testicular disorders if enough force is applied. While men see these jokes as harmless, many medical pundits agree that constant trauma causes issues for men, from fertility to low sperm count.
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Can Watching Porn Cause STIs?

You know the feeling. Sometimes you encounter a pornographic video so disgusting and so depraved that you can actually feel yourself developing Syphilis by watching it. But is there any truth to the myth that porn can cause STIs? The answer may actually be more complicated than you think.

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Sex Position: Cuddling, Not Optional

Cuddling with your partner enhances your bond. Sex and cuddling, well, that just enhances the experience. Cuddling, Not Optional provides another simple position for enhancing intimacy, especially if your lady or man is having problems reaching an orgasm.

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Lowered Sperm Count Caused by Bicycling: Feeling the Negative Impacts of Riding

The older we get, the more we focus on the things we love. The list of things we choose to focus on becomes narrower as well. Take exercise for example. When we find one we like, we tend to stick with it. If swimming is your exercise of choice, you make time for it before or after work. Exercise helps you cope with not only your daily stressors, but also to manage your weight and functional mobility.
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Low “T” High Chance of Infertility

Infertility is every human being’s worst nightmare. The ability to produce an offspring gives us hope that we will not be forgotten after we leave the world. Infertility, however, can cause an anxiety and emotional breakdown even to the most mentally sound individuals. This is why hope should not be lost and we should have in mind that there is always a way to remove the problem and leave our gift to the world.
Keep Calm and Carry on!
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All Jammed Up – Male Infertility Caused by Retrograde Ejaculation

Recently I’ve received some inquiries from worried men who have been experiencing an alarming phenomenon when they come to orgasm. These men have normal sex lives. They have lively libidos, hard erections, and the stamina of champions; however, despite the fact that they regularly have intense orgasms, they are noticing that their ejaculations are dry. Nothing comes out. 
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Smoking Marijuana Impairs Male Fertility

Marijuana and infertility—seems like an odd pair. But according to an article published by the BBC, marijuana use can lead to male infertility and poor sperm health, causing sperm to move at an abnormal rate and die before reaching an egg for fertilization.

Just imagine each puff of weed, every ounce of the cannabis may take you closer to infertility. And while the substance remains popular among certain segments of the population, the plant may lead to an insidious side effect among males. 
Why is Weed so Dangerous?
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You Probably Can't Talk With Your Friends About Male Infertility - But You Can Beat It

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful accomplishments a person can do. The thought of having a little one, two, or three of your own is a great thing to look forward to in life. Becoming pregnant can often be tougher than most think. Even more so, when we as men discover we have a potency issue. Along with the aggregation of trying and trying with no avail, there is a sense of emasculation that comes with the inability to reproduce.
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