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The Pros and Cons of Being Circumcised

To some men it might be a look thing and to others it might be more pleasurable. Although getting circumcised is a big debate whether it may be healthy to just stay uncircumcised or getting circumcised, it is almost always up to the parents of the newborn baby to make the decision.
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A Decline of Circumcisions Performed in the U.S.

After reading this new interesting study it says that in the U.S. circumcisions of infant babies is becoming less common. The rate of circumcision has dropped 6% since the 1960's and that is accounting how many children are born each year.
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Circumcisions May Prevent Cancer

We hear all kinds of crazy stories about certain foods or health practices protecting against cancer, but now, circumcision may too prevent cancer.
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Reasons for Avoiding Circumcision

My wife wanted to circumcise our boy, but as a father, I defended my boy’s right for enhanced sensitivity.
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The Truth About Circumcision and Sex -- From a Guy Who Knows

I can't share the details of this problem with my parents or best friends, but I'm going to share it with you. Are you sure you're ready? OK...
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Belgium Scientists Found That Penis Numbness & Insensitivity Often Caused By Circumcision

Belgium scientists have found that circumcised penis (penis with removed foreskin) has less sensitiveness in the bed as against to uncircumcised peers and some of them have suffered penis numbness.
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Circumcision Causes Pain During Arousal and Reduces Sensitivity

A study disclosed the fact that the men with their foreskin removed, experience lesser sexual delights than the others. As many as 1,369 men above 18 years were surveyed by the research team where 310 men were circumcised and 1059 were uncircumcised.
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Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure by making manhood less sensitive - OUCH!

75% of men in US and 6% in UK have circumcision for non-religious reasons. Men who had foreskin removed reporting feeling less intense sexual pleasure. So why hospitals are making those parents do it?
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Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure in men - study found

It is a common sense that men who have had their foreskin removed as children or as adults enjoy less intense sexual pleasure and orgasm than men who have not. Now the scientists have got it proved.
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Circumcision Really Does Make Sex Less Pleasurable for Men

The practice is common in the U.S, with three-quarters of men having the procedure for non-religious reasons.
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